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The Obama Challenge, Part 1

To our trolling good friend BarryO, with the new year approaching, and the second term of our lord and master (please note the lower case “l,” Jamie Foxx fans) inspiring all the non-earners to new levels of mediocrity, hoping you could set a new and inspiring message. In the event you’re still coaching, I was wondering if you’d take “The Obama Challenge” with your football team: Have your starters run even more laps and take more reps during practice than the second- and third-stringers, but play those bench guys more minutes come game-time. It’s only fair, right?

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  • Dr. Schplatt

    Fashion designers should start putting overweight woman who don’t have the self control to take care of themselves on the catwalk and relegating the models who workout, watch their diets and put effort forth to jobs as runners.

    In an Obama world, I don’t know why Popovich was fined for not playing his stars, the stars should be on the bench every game.

    Getting a doctorate should result in custodial work and not finishing high school should end in working in a lab. (not a meth lab, Fritz)

    Everyone who participates in the Olympics should get a gold medal.

    • Texacalirose

      I want a gold medal but I won’t be able to participate in the games ‘cuz I have a rehab meeting that day, an excused absence. Send the medal to my PO Box. What else ya got for me?

    • -fritz-

      Olympic Gold Medal winners according to this criterion, would then be like the Polish(My apologies to the Poles. It was simply handy to use one!) man who took his gold medal down and had it bronzed!

      What happened to the good old days when we had a first place winner and everyone thereafter was a LOSER!?

  • Tink in Cali

    I am fully on board with this. Now, Floyd can work hard to give me and mine his next Bahama vacation instead of the Turbo clan and Outlaw can give me his righteous Mustang because I don’t have one and I think I should. And get ready to fork over that CD and DVD collection, EP, because it is not fair that you own more music and movies than I do.

    • Sorry, should have mentioned the key caveat of these lessons in mediocrity and below: the application of the bassackwardsness only to be practiced by those who voted for President Obama. They wanted him and his “share that wealth around” mentality, they need to own it and walk that walk they talk.

      I’ll gladly lend out my entertainment library, though. Freedom to voluntarily share — what a concept!

  • BarryO

    “The Tea Party Challenge” – take all your starters out, put in the second-stringers, and be shocked when you lose the game.

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