I Wonder If They Looked In The USAF Museum

Shoo Shoo Baby. A B-17G on display in the USAF Museum, in Dayton, Ohio

This article from the Air Force Times spells out the details of what amounts to a witch hunt of sorts…

Air Force-wide inspections begin today
By Becky Iannotta – Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Dec 5, 2012 9:39:25 EST
Commanders and supervisors in all corners of the Air Force will conduct a widespread sweep of all work spaces and public areas starting today, looking for pictures, calendars and other materials that objectify women.

The order covers all active, reserve and Air National Guard units and must be completed by Dec. 17.

Pictures of scantily clad women in calendars, posters or in briefing slides have no place in a professional workplace, said Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh, who ordered the service-wide health and welfare inspection.

Welsh has emphasized the need to stop sexual assaults and harassment in the workplace since coming to office in August, and he told Air Force Times he had received multiple complaints about images, jokes and comments that made women and some men uncomfortable. The complaints indicated that many women felt they had to “go along to get along” with offensive images and comments if they wanted to steer clear of trouble.

“In my view, all this stuff is connected. If we’re going to get serious about things like sexual assault, we have to get serious about an environment that could lead to sexual harassment. In some ways this stuff can all be linked,” Welsh said Dec. 4. “I’m not saying every case is linked, but it could be linked, and why would we want to tolerate there even being a chance of that?”

I am not in favor of harassment, but some people need to lighten up. On the other hand I was under the impression that Sexual assaults were about power not sex.

Pictures that “objectify women” is a pretty subjective description if you ask me. I suppose there’s not a whole lot going on that the USAF needs to worry about, so inspect away.

14 comments to I Wonder If They Looked In The USAF Museum

  • Dr. Schplatt

    Glad I’m not in the military or they would take away my calender of barefoot, pregnant women baking pies.

  • Loyal Goatherd

    … he had received multiple complaints about images, jokes and comments that made women and some men uncomfortable.

    From the wording there, I get the idea that ALL women and some men are made uncomfortable. So, images that objectify men, dogs, snakes, and racoons are all okay then, right? Only equal women need to be protected from this. How insulting to women! If Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh feels the need to ban images, he needs to stop being so sexist about it!

  • kbiel

    So they’ll be taking away the women’s Cosmo too right?

  • Please allow me to objectify ya, at least until I get to know your name …

  • David Marcoe

    Because, you know, bored and frustrated servicemen have never been vengefully creative…no sir…

    Hilarity will ensue. The Fates have thus decreed.

  • David Marcoe

    Whoops, bit of a misspell in my e-mail there.

  • Texacalirose

    I read this post last night and just couldn’t get over my disgust to comment. I’m still disgusted.

    “Offensive images”??? And these warrior women want to fight mano a mano with the big dogs??

    “…that many women felt they had to ‘go along to get along.’” Yeah, you kinda do. And you should be strong enough (You made it over the wall and they gave you a gun, didn’t they?) to set your standard among your peers.

    I know every case/incident is different, but every case/incident should be dealt with on a case by case basis. Women can exert control over their circumstances if they have the power and courage to act.

    One personal anecdote and then I’ll shut up: During a heated exchange at the station with one of my fellow officers (I don’t remember the specifics – it was probably 0400 & raining – except that he was wrong *o^), as he realized he was losing the debate, he said, “F###k you, Texa!” Ooooo, the station fell silent (no brass was around BTW, but everyone knew I had special dispensation and extra rights in our department because I had breasts & thought that poor ole boy just stepped in it.) But I said, “OK, but buy me dinner first.” Diffused the whole thing. I’m pretty sure that feller did buy me dinner some time after, and I had let it be known that if anyone wanted to give they were gonna get, mano a mano.

    My little story speaks to the interaction within the work environment, the day to day stuff. But the real call is made when the real call comes. If the fellers know the girl is gonna jump into the fight & grab the gun, they’ll keep the locker room humor in the locker room for ya.

    Whatever. Betty Grable is rolling in her grave.

  • goozer

    Of course, pin-ups of ‘patriot missiles’ will be allowed now that our services are oh-so ‘tolerant’, right? /sarc

    It getting harder every day to not see a deeper game being played out here…

    Your photo choice has triggered Another True Anecdote from Yers Trooley® — I was living in Dover back in ’78 when they brought Shoo Shoo Baby back for her restoration. One of my Commercial Art class assignments that year was to do a layout for consideration of a mural/billboard/painting of the bird, preferably in flight and/or combat. It was a longshot for any of us to be chosen, of course, being only snot-nosed punk kids at the time, but it was a fun project nonetheless, especially as I was (am) an Air Force brat. I think I may still have some of my sketches in my morgue somewhere…

    Oh, and TCR — when can I pick you up for dinner? :-)

    • Texacalirose

      I didn’t mean I’d grab that gun. Besides, I have a headache that day.

      Please post your etchings if you can find them. (But I’m not going upstairs to view them, FYI).

  • Jerry

    How about pin-ups of scantily clad men? I reckon that should be just fine in Obama’s “fabalous” Air force nowadays…

    • Anonymous

      Jerry, you’re on to something, same as kbiel up top. Men could complain about perfume, lipstick, all the women’s mags that have the scantily clad strumpets and/or models on the covers, etc. Language definitely needs disinfecting, too. And all that An Officer and a Gentleman business is out. Do you understand, Mayonnaise???

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