God Bless Texas…

From My FOX DFW comes this heartwarming story.

Sheriff’s deputies in Parker County responded to a bizarre call for help on Tuesday from a burglary suspect who said a homeowner was threatening to shoot him…

…Homeowner James Gerow said he awoke to find a man wearing dark clothes and a hoodie inside his house. He grabbed his gun and followed the man out to a truck that was parked in his driveway.

With gun in hand, Gerow convinced the man to drop his keys. Then told his wife to call 911 and waited for deputies to arrive.

“Yeah, hurry up now. He says my husband’s fixing to shoot him,” she said on the call.

…the suspect, later identified as 41-year-old Christopher Lance Moore, also called for help while sitting in his pickup truck.

“I’m not sure. I’m out in the country somewhere and some guy’s got a gun on me,” he said on the call.

Maybe he’ll figure out where he’s at when he gets to Huntsville.

8 comments to God Bless Texas…

  • -fritz-

    Do.not.mess.with.Texas. I mean, seriously!

  • “Fixing to shoot him.” God, I love Texas!

  • Raoul Ortega

    One of the more emotionally vapid excuses to be against self defense is the “but is your stuff really more valuable than a person’s life?”

    The response to that is “well, the robber/burglar/thief obviously decided that it was, so who am I to disagree with his decision?”

  • 67Cougar

    Asshole must have thought he was in California …

  • Texacalirose

    OK, that’s it! Ortega’s point about life vs.property & now Cougar’s California remark have pushed me to share another personal story. I never get tired of talking about myself but accept that others with lessor intellect and no appreciation for captivating narrative … well, you know.

    Back on the beat on one of the worst drug infested, crack ho, pron shop, derelict sex offender, parolee ‘Hood streets in the City was a little 24 hour grocery store. There were no 7 Eleven’s or such, so this store provided a place where the locals could buy basics: bread, milk, potato chips, tomato soup, cigarettes, etc. The owner had tried to get a liquor license years before but was denied. There were 3-4 liquor stores already on the street to serve the community needs.

    So, the owner loved the coppers & appreciated our high profile patronage. We all knew the ownerhad a nice little handgun behind the counter & one night we found out he also had a nice big baseball bat back there, too.

    It wasn’t my caper, but back at the station, the fellers came in with the story. Earlier that night or o’dark thirty in the morning, a knucklehead went to the nice store & thought he might help himself to a snack or several without remembering to pay. The owner had eyes in the back of his head, the side of his head, & the keen street survivor sense. The knucklehead further decided that he had best wait nicely at the end of the shouldered bat until the police arrived. You know what I mean.

    As the tale unfolded, one of the officers was exasperated, stating, “Going after a person with a baseball bat, just for a bag of chips? That’s so wrong.”

    “Whoa,” I said. I explained to him that the grocery store is the grocer’s livelihood. The potato chips belong to him. He provides a service in a sh!t neighborhood where no one else will. He works that store by himself and if he lets one knucklehead steal a bag of chips tonight, the spigot is open. There will be two tomorrow and twenty the next day helping themselves to someone else’s stuff. Then there goes the griocer’s life.

    As it was, the knucklehead spread the word that if you try to mess with Mr. Grocer, you’d better not need your kneecaps too much.

    • -fritz-

      Good for all those, like your Mr. Grocer, who fight back, especially with the odds as stacked as they are these days that they’ll be wrong in the eyes of City Hall too!

      • Texacalirose

        Mr. Grocer has since died and the store is no more. He was a good and fair and savvy man who knew his rights and limitations.

        And BTW, the other officer and I had a good and civil discussion. I did my bit to dispel that feller’s misunderstandings about charity, property, compassion, coerced redistribution of wealth.

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