Avoid the Fiscal Cliff!

I just used the Amazon link for some Christmas gift purchases. If Amazon has anything you need at a good price please do the same. Floyd, Outlaw, Wankette, Eric and the others receive no compensation for their work here; work we all benefit from. In years when such purchases don’t offset their operating costs they even have to pay for the privilege of keeping us entertained!

Amazon has much, much more than books and music; toys, clothes, appliances… Use Threedonia as your Amazon pass through and have a great shopping season, Threedonians!

9 comments to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff!

  • Stosh from the Sticks

    Yo, Rufus,

    Good to see your by-line again, even if only shilling for the team!

    Hope you’re further along in recovering from the early November hangover than is my wife – I’m starting to wonder if she’s going to get me to invest in ’50’s-era bomb-shelter to retreat to when everything goes to pieces under the current collection of idiots.

    Now all I need is to see my brother’s avatar here and I’ll truly collapse in shock.


    Your Stoshness

  • Scott M.

    Where’s the bottle of Wild Turkey,Rufus?OSKEE WOW-WOW!

  • -fritz-

    Hey there, Rufus! If you see me perched on a roof near you, just keep moving! :-)

  • Texacalirose

    Hi, Rufus. FTR: if what I’m looking for is available in Amazonia, that’s where I buy it! (Screw Mom & Pop! :))

    And as soon as I figure out how to set up an anonymous paypal account, I’ll add 3D to my EFT list.

    Where have you been? Undergoing a secret squirrel background check, hhhmmmm???

  • For the record PayPal only gives me a name and an email. If you call yourself TCR and tie that to the bank account that’s all I’ll see. We see no bank account info.

    • Texacalirose

      What happened to my comment? Just askin’ ‘cuz I think I’m going crazy over here.

      And I know you wouldn’t get my Swiss off-shore bank account info … I’ll look into my paypal settings … stand by.

      • Odd… I responded to you from my phone. I fished it out of spam. The only thing I can think of id that my huge man thumbs accidentally ticked the spam box and sent your post to hell. I fished it out though. Curiouser and curiouser.

        • Texacalirose

          That was a close one. I’m just glad it was your manly thumbs and not my womanly hysteria. But just who what do you mean by “odd”? (Don’t make me hysterical again. ;))

  • Texacalirose

    Sorry, peeps. No go on the paypal ‘cuz my ID is set. I have multiple personalities emails, identifications, etc. & can’t come out of the cupboard just yet … maybe next year. I’m still promoting at my job and can’t afford being associated with the Threedonia crackpots conservatism/Republicans at this time. I live/work in California.

    My only consolation to all y’all is that I am an Amazonia spending fool: books, Transformer underwear, paleo foodstuff & cookware, crocs, music, equine, …

    Maybe next year. If there is a next year. (Does Amazon accept EBT?)

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