From the irony is ironic department, the guy who is reaping thousands upon thousands of dollars from Americans actually really doesn’t care from us all that much.

In the past PSY, who is currently very popular due to his “Gangnam Style” video (I posted a version done by US Soldiers in Korea in another bit of irony) recorded efforts that verbalized his wish for the deaths of US service members and their families. Now he is scheduled to perform for the POTUS.

Here’s an article describing some of his past activities…

in 2004, during the U.S. occupation of Iraq. In May of that year, a jihadist faction led by al-Qaeda associate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had captured a Christian missionary named Kim Sun-il, holding him hostage and demanding that South Korea withdraw its pledge to send 3,000 troops to Iraq as part of the occupying forces. When the South Korean government refused to negotiate, the terrorists released a tape of Kim’s brutal execution, telling Koreans that they should “blame America” for their countryman’s death.

Once again, South Koreans took to the streets, initially protesting the actions of the extremists, and later, as anti-American activists took control of the mobs, the U.S.-led occupation itself. As Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper reports, during this period, PSY participated in a protest concert, where he joined South Korean rappers JP, Prhyme and MC Sniper in a performance with the hard-rock band N.EX.T, delivering a live rendition of an angry rant titled ”Dear American,” written by N.EX.T.’s lead singer, Shin HaeChul. As has been widely reported, the words from the verse PSY delivers declare that the “f—— Westerner bastards” responsible for the torture of Iraqi POWs should be killed, “slowly and painfully,” along with their families.

Isn’t THAT special?

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    • They, like most people who aren’t attuned to the goings-on in South Korea wouldn’t be aware of this guys past deeds…I know I wasn’t until last week. He “apologized” by saying the equivalent of “I’m sorry you were offended” not that he was sorry for what he said.

      The question is when stuff like this comes to light, where do you draw the line? I personally think he has the right to say and do whatever he wants within the limits of the law, but I don’t find his past activities acceptable and I don’t think it appropriate for him to be invited to the White House. But then again I’m old fashioned like that.

  • 67Cougar

    This douchebag is performing for the Obamas at the White House Christmas Party tonight. The White House reaffirmed his invitation to perform AFTER this outrageous insult to our country was made public early last week.

    I can imagine Mooch and Barry saying ‘F**k Yeah … he’s saying exactly what we think!’

  • Tracy,txmom2many

    I knew I hated him for a good reason! Thanks for supplying it.

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