The Natural

WHo says you need a degree in psychology to deal with people… this man is the quintessential example of policing. Ironic, since he’s with California Highway Patrol which is the quintessential law enforcement (as in see law enforce law — the vehicle code Gawdhelpus) agency.

Kevin Briggs is doing the Lord’s work. And if you know anyone who is suicidal or potentially so get involved.

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  • Texacalirose

    That was swell, Floyd. What a great guy. You know there’s a friendly rivalry between Chippies and the real police, kinda like the Army/Navy thing … all kidding aside, that was great. During my career, I always wanted to catch a pedophile, but the few “talk downs” I experienced – nothing like the sarge in the film – felt just as good. An awesome power we are given by the people and Sgt. Briggs really lays it out that there is more to the job than knowing what the definition of “vessel” is.

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