Some people have no sense of humor…

I would have welcomed this, but of course I’m crazy like that.

An F-15 fighter pilot with the Florida National Guard put on an impromptu air show in the skies over the western Des Moines suburbs Tuesday morning.

“It was coming down really fast — and then it seemed to me like at the last possible second it banked hard left and then went vertical at full throttle — and I was like, “Holy cow!” I turned around and I look and the engine boosters are just glowing bright, bright orange. The windows were rattling. It was definitely a wake-up call,” said witness Bree Spradling.

Spradling said it lasted less than 30 seconds and happened around 10 a.m. She said the jet came close to homes in a heavily populated Waukee neighborhood.

“It was very close. Way closer than it ever should have been for any reason,” Spradling said.

If he was above 1000 feet above the ground, he violated no FAA regulations. I am sure the whiners have absolutely no idea how high above the ground the jet was. No word either about their proximity to the airport. People are notorious for moving in next to an airport and then complaining about the noise…so I looked up the address from the news report on Google Maps and the location is about 6-8 miles from the airport. The pilot who was flying this particular jet was a Lieutenant Col. so I’m fairly certain he was aware of the rules, maybe he wanted to make his last flight a spectacular one, I don’t know. It seems to me that the bed-wetters in West Des Moines have managed to make a pilot’s life miserable for their 30 seconds of shock.


But then again he could be another accident waiting to happen. You be the judge.

The report and associated TV News report are available HERE

9 comments to Some people have no sense of humor…

  • Scott M.

    Sounds cool to me.

  • If you’re gonna get in trouble for it then you might as well break the sound barrier right above her house.

  • -fritz-

    When I first moved to Vegas we used to have the USAF Thunderbirds practice literally over a vacant lot that stretched along one side of the property where we lived. Back in those days the restrictions were a bit more lax and from the looks of it, it must not have been over 500 ft. off the deck. It was as cool as anything I’ve ever seen, and the free airshow in my backyard each week was priceless!

  • Dr. Schplatt

    Like Outlaw said, who knows if he was breaking any rules or not. I don’t really think it’s a great idea to do that kind of stuff over a populated area. It needlessly puts a lot of people in danger but on the other hand I’m sure it would be fun to see.

  • Matt Helm

    Put yourself in the shoes of someone who sees a jet that appears to be on a crash course trajectory, that could possibly make them fear for their life. Then when said jet doesn’t crash into you, lighten up. At the most, the pilot should pay the dry cleaning charges for her underwear.

    • Eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable…ask any police officer.

      Because she saw the aircraft bank and then climb in afterburner means nothing really…and yes the burners will rattle your molars even when you are a couple of thousand feet away from the jet.

      And the address given lies between 6-8 miles from the airport on the approach/departure path from a runway…so what I see leads me to believe some people are over-reacting. But the story is incomplete so it may actually be true that a pilot with nearly 20 years in the cockpit would piss away his career to show off.

      • Dr. Schplatt

        Back when I was younger, we lived right in the flightpath of McConnell air force base in Wichita, KS. They had a wing (guess that’s what they call it) of B1s there for several years. At night they would go bananas with the afterburners on those things sometimes and my gosh were they loud but impressive!

      • Maverick did it, and he got Kelly McGillis before she ran into that mud fence face first.

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