From the Trailer Park — Star Trek: Into Darkness

Teaser #2 — Chekhov in red, a villain in a Starfleet uniform, and a nod to Wrath of Khan II… let the mewling commence. :-)

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  • RGallegos

    It’s got to be KHHHHHAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!! If they can replace the great Shatner then they can replace Montalban….

  • I’m in a weird position in regard to the Star Trek thing. I was a huge fan of TOS, and nothing they’ve done since has interested me much (or else has actively repelled me), except for “Enterprise,” which everybody else hated. So I’m not married to past incarnations, and am perfectly open to starting from square one. I look forward to it.

    • JimmyC

      I liked “Enterprise”, too. It took away much of the gloss from the Star Trek franchise, but added back in a lot of the heart and spirit of exploration that characterized the original series.

    • JS Lawalin

      I have no objections to reboots either, but I was disappointed with the first effort. Story matters, and no amount of CGI, fan Easter eggs or hype can cover up Jupiter-sized plot holes. The story was feeble and made absolutely no sense.

  • JJ

    Enterprise I watched on Netflix beginning to end a few months back.

    I was surprised by it. It held no interest for me when it aired, and the title song was unfortunate.

    But it was pretty decent, and frankly, I was shocked at how dark they got in Season 3 (torture, purposefully stranding a friendly alien race). There were definite consequences to actions. The Enterprise got pounded all to hell, people got sucked out into the vaccuum of space, and remarkably the hull wasn’t fixed to shiny showroom spec by the next episode.

    This movie seems like it’ll take the darkness and roll with it. DS9 really started that ball rolling with the multi-season war arc (the last episode of Season 2 is outstanding, where they formally intro the Dominion, which Next Gen writers just glossed over in their movies).

    • JS Lawalin

      DS9 really went places with the Dominion, and I think it was one of those rare series that finished stronger than it began. DS9 presented a much more ‘real’ universe than TNG, which usually had galactic sociologist Picard stiffly pondering the Moral Dilemma of the Week.

    • Dr. Schplatt

      Enterprise was good and I really enjoyed it myself. Never got much into DS9 and Voyager. TNG will always be my favorite followed by the original series simply for laughs.

  • I don’t mind the changes; that’s one reason why I really hope this has nothing to do with Khan or anything else from TOS. You’re got a new universe; play with it! Reworking old stuff is like unfolding origami and making new shapes with the same piece of paper: It may look different, but the old creases remain visible and detract from whatever new form you might try to create.

    • JJ

      I don’t mind if they tinker as a comparison to the old events (maybe Khan acts completely different, and Kirk doesn’t strand him on that planet). I’m assuming our actors are the same ages as Kirk, etc as in TOS, so I hope they simply don’t replay Wrath of Khan.

      Ah, what do I know… they already blew up Vulcan.

  • Daniel Crandall

    There is a long – about 5 or 6 minutes – “trailer” for the film before screenings of The Hobbit in IMAX theaters. It creates a great cliff-hanger.

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