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Evil Assault Rifle Defends Home

Oops, make that a 15 year old boy defends his sister using his Dad’s AR-15 “assault rifle” in the suburbs of Houston.

Yeah, you don’t need that rifle.

H/T This Ain’t Hell

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  • -fritz-

    The sad part is that all the honest statistics in the world will not sway the left since they are agenda driven! There are many stories like the one with the AR-15, daily, weekly in the country, and others where a CCW Permit holder saves a family or someone else’s life with a handgun or whatever! The NRA monthly magazine always has about a half dozen cases, and there are many more which don’t hit the news. The left does not want anyone to have any guns…a La Adolf Hitler and the rest of the tyranny lovers in the world! Dishonest governments do not want their citizens armed because they are afraid of uprisings that can stick! Simple solution would be for the government to be honest and open, similar to the way America would be if our current admin. actually gave a crap that we do have a Constitution with specific “Rights” layed out! The Second Amendment states without any wavering that the “Right will NOT be infringed!” Pretty plain English in my book!

  • Scott M.

    Three guys tried to rob a McDonald’s here yesterday.The Memphis PD sent one of them to the promised land…another piece of shit off the street.

  • kbiel

    Remember this (and that girl in OK) when we talk about “reasonable” gun control. In a lot of states, reasonable gun control means having your guns locked up so that your children can not get to them. I take the opposite approach, I gun proof my kids by taking them out shooting and making it both serious and fun. Should the day come that they do need a weapon and my wife and I are unavailable, they will most certainly have access to several.

  • Pat32rf

    Here in Canada we cannot keep a gun handy, or use one to protect our family. If we have livestock or crops however we can keep a gun handy to protect them! Politics!

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