The Physical Cliff

The Dallas Morning News put up a photo gallery of staff photographers favorite images of 2012 (gallery here) This photo of George W. Bush was listed — description as follows:

April 28, 2012 – On day three of the the Warrior 100K Bike Ride in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, we were told that former President George W. Bush was going to hang back with a couple of the riders who had amputated legs. As I waited at the bottom of a slope, Melissa Stockwell rode by and said, “President Bush just pushed me up that hill!” I started sprinting up a 100 yard incline. Just as I reached the crest, Daniel Gade came over the top and said the exact same thing. I continued along the trail and stopped just ahead of the final group at the base of a smaller hill. As I leaned over a yucca plant with my camera, President Bush hopped off his bike, and with a running start, helped Daniel to the top and over.

Photo by Brad Loper (DMN staff photographer)

Remember when we had a President who pushed people needing help UP cliffs and not OVER them? Yeah, me neither. And here’s praying that his Dad GHW Bush gets better soon.

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