3D Weekend Five: 2012 — Good-bye! Good riddance?

What will you miss?  What was wonderful about the year?  What was dreadful?

Me, I was so looking forward to sending that malignant narcissistic gasbag on permanent holiday.  I’m still not over that.  But I’ve had some professional success in 2012, which was reassuring.  It was another year that my condition didn’t confine me to the ER or the hospital bed.  And the NHL (remember them?) afforded me & Nephew du Wank hours of  fun.

Going to break out the 3D Resolution Dartboard to decide on mine for 2013.  And you?

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  • -fritz-

    Much like you dear Ms. Wanks, I was looking forward to seeing the POTUS, ousted on his a$$, with a very suitable replacement in the WH. Being 67 years old and having had the careers I’ve had, has gotten me used to a certain amount of disappointment in various things. Sadly that one is hurting our country way beyond repair I fear! :-(

    The good part…I’ve got great kids and grandkids, and a great wife, and an awesome God who takes care of things no matter how bleak it looks at times! :-)

  • 1. The worst… the full realization that the country is in the hands of those who would do her harm for their own short term gain — to the point of committing suicide. — Looking at you voters (or non-voters)

    2. Ditto California and the realization that family matters keep me here for the foreseeable future. I’m a man and I will do what I have to do and not complain, but damn… really God?

    3. That being said… this year was a banner year professionally…. tenure, promotion, great classes and students (mostly).

    4. The Bahamas… great vacation and family time.

    5. Did I mention that my kid was in a commercial? That was pretty cool I must say, more than I thought it would be.

    And my kids in general… they all did well in school, swimming, piano, football, etc. They are the hope for the future and the only part of that over which I have any control.

  • Scott M.

    The best?The New York Jets at New England…funniest NFL game I can remember.

  • Kit

    I’ll go with the bad first because the bad was REALLY bad.

    Bad: Obamacare Ruling and the November Election. Matt Lauer’s and Meredith Viera’s narration of the Olympic Opening Ceremony (“SHUT! UP!” I screamed at the TV).

    Good: Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, the Hobbit movie, Les Miserables movie (especially Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman’s performance), the Death of the Family story arc in the Batman comics, Gail Simone’s Batgirl, The Flash comic book series, ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”, Lincoln movie.

    I’ll name some more later.

  • JimmyC

    Oh, man. If there was any year that I needed a do-over for, it was this one. No less than three deaths in the family (two of them were still in their 30s). Been out of work for longer than I’d care to admit. Our kid hit his Terrible Twos, hard. And of course, the knowledge that we’ve got four more years of watching our Community Organizer-in-Chief bumble around spending all our money and trying to figure out why he can’t bend the universe to his will.

    But I’ve still got family and friends in my life who care about me.

    I’m priveleged to be a husband and a father (and I mean that sincerely- it’s a privelege to have them in my life, every day).

    I’ve still got my health and only now do I realize what a big deal that is.

    I’m still living in a free, prosperous and great country, no matter who’s running it at the moment. And in the context of history, I’m living during a great time to be alive.

    I’ve learned alot from this year. I’ve learned what I’m really looking for in my life, and I’ve learned just how valuable my loved ones truly are. Hard-learned lessons, but important ones. And I’m going to carry them into next year and make it a better year, by God.

  • Well, beside “El Presidente’s” reelection and this beyond stupid gun control business – this was actually a good year. Got to go to some pretty cool (hot) places and meet a lot of great people – some of those from this very blog (yeah, you know who you are.) 😉

    This was also the year the company I was working for decided it would be cheaper to outsource video production – which turned out to be one of the better blessings I was given this year. Turns out there were quite a few companies, who came a knockin’ – now that I have more time to work with them.

    Hope everyone, here, has a great 2013!

  • Tracy,txmom2many

    I said good bye to some important people and things. I started a new ministry that has pushed me further into compassion and reliance on Jesus. I celebrated my 20th anniversary with dr zoon. I’m learning how to be a mom to men. I finally finished painting my daughter’s room. I’ve got an organized plan for homeschool and we’re mostly living by it. I’m getting better at photography, or at least more consistent. I’m on the lowest dose of anti-depressants I’ve ever been on. I’m more stable than I’ve ever been. I actually like me most of the time.

    I get to do bridal portraits in the bluebonnets and photograph my first wedding. We’re aiming at no debt but the house and should hit it in May, Lord willing. I want to finish the school year strong(everything done, on time), have one night a week to do ministry contact/follow up, study sabbath and rest to find out more what Godly rest looks like and beat all the Angry Bird games with 3 stars on every level.

  • In addition to that dark day, the first Tuesday in November, in which We the People lost a major battle but still not the war, lost far too many entertainers and beyond this year, in a year I (and we all) probably needed them most. One I knew (however barely, the man did write me a personal letter for my first marriage), Joe Paterno, and some (Don Cornelius and Dick Clark) stamped their marks on my life more than others. I thank them all for their respective catalogs and influences.

    Still, and more importantly, I have both my grandmothers with me as they get a little closer to 90. I thank the Lord for more time to enjoy them via phone calls every couple weeks. I also thank Him for keeping around another loved one who almost didn’t make it through a rough patch this year. God is great.

    Staying on the positive tip, I got one year closer to my now-8-year plan to umpire in the Little League World Series, and I thank the Burbank rec league for helping me hone my skills behind the plate over the spring and summer. Williamsport, I’m a-comin’ in 2020.

    Music-wise, got to cross off a few legendary acts from my “never-seen” list — Beach Boys, Adam Ant, Bob Mould, Joe Cocker and X — and at the latter caught wind of an opening act who ended up providing one of my fave albums of the year. (That year-end album list coming in a couple days — please, contain yourselves :-) ).

    Matt Helm’s recommendation of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” also helping tremendously in the laughter department. Demented, twisted and the most consistently hilarious show since Arrested Development.

    2012, you could have been better, but you weren’t all that bad, either.

    • Now adding The Fixx to that “Party like it’s 1982” list, at The Roxy tonight.

    • Matt Helm

      Totally agree with Sunny being the funniest show since Arrested D. Since all the best shows are on cable channels, that really shows how far the networks have fallen in comedy and drama. The “free” cable channels even have better shows than the pay ones.

      Can’t really comment on much here that hasn’t already been said. I think any news story this year with the name Sandy in it has been the lowest moments of the year. Both make me grateful that we didn’t get a major storm here, and that my students are safe.

      One bittersweet (mostly bitter) irony is that the teachers union here, who endorsed (donated to) Obama’s re-election, are now fighting against the county’s proposal to make us teachers pay for our own health insurance out of pocket. Why is that? Because of the rising premiums due to Obamacare! Ain’t that a kick in the head?

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