Intelligent — and Loving — Design

Beautiful and complex things happen randomly right? Yeah right. A Greek film production company called Deep Green Sea put together this beautiful little 3 minutes film chronicling the 299 hours of loving and meticulous process flamenco guitar maker Vassilis Lazarides puts into his creations. The guitarist in the video is Edsart Udo De Haes. It’s well worth your three minutes and it’s comforting to know men like this still exist and simultaneously disconcerting that they are a vanishing breed.

h/t: The Awesomer

4 comments to Intelligent — and Loving — Design

  • Texacalirose

    Que bonito. Greek luthier and Dutch musician. Heavenly noise.

  • INFJ

    Wonderful talent, what a gift. I think these great artisans (my husband being one of these) are a “vanishing breed” because of the many talented young people who feel the need to go to college instead of working to develop their talent. My husband, for example, has a high school education, started young to develop his talent for working with wood. He has worked with designers in our community to build beautiful casework for wealthy clients and built (sorry B.O.) a very good business. The need for his talents, however, is dying out. Almost everything in his line of work can be made and assembled in a factory by programmed robots, and few people know the difference.

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