Classic Picks O’ the Year

I saw this a couple of weeks ago but was so sick I didn’t remember to post it. Great minds think alike and Wanks sent me the link to post. TCM does everything with class and this “In Memoriam” tribute is no different. Take note Oscars — this is how you do a tribute. Of course as these things go, it was produced before the passing of Harry Carey, Jr., Chalres Durning, and Jack Klugman.

The song is Waitby one of my newer favorite bands M83.

3 comments to Classic Picks O’ the Year

  • Matt Helm

    Yes, great minds think alike. I do wish that Phyllis Diller had more than a photo, while others got scenes.

  • Lots of attention to designers in this one.
    Loved the drive-in backdrop — made me very nostalgic. Song was also cool.

  • Texacalirose

    Just lovely. I didn’t know that some who were featured had passed.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve had such an eclectic and blessed life that these kinds of tributes comfort me. If all these wonderful humans can go to the other side, then so can I. And I think it will be just grand there! But i can wait a little while longer ;).

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