Gun Free Zones For Everyone!

Now this is something we can all get behind. If gun control for me, then gun control for thee.

3 comments to Gun Free Zones For Everyone!

  • Scott M.

    And how about those limos that don’t meet MPG standards?

  • -fritz-

    Sadly, it’ll never happen. The Cheese in Chief could receive petitions numbering 300 million and he’d do it “his way!” With democrats, what’s good for the gander ain’t necessarily what’s good for the geese! I’ve been studying up a lot on Nazi Germany lately, and this guy is starting to bear a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler, with the exception being the obvious lack of the so-called Aryan appearance! Not being racist, just factual! And anti-Nazi/anti-socialist as well!

  • Signed, sealed and delivered … though -fritz- right about it being ignored since the President knows better than all of us how to run the show.

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