Parting shots?

Yay, NASA!!!

NASA, Penn State give New Year’s gift of space images
A large new collection of space photos taken at wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye and blocked by Earth’s atmosphere has been released as a New Year’s gift to the people of Earth by NASA and Penn State. The images were captured by a telescope on board NASA’s Swift satellite, whose science and flight operations are controlled by Penn State’s Mission Operations Center using the Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope, which resulted from Penn State’s collaboration with the Mullard Space Science Laboratory of the University College-London. The telescope is one of just a few that study ultraviolet light, much of which is blocked by Earth’s atmosphere.

Link here for the complete story.

3 comments to Parting shots?

  • -fritz-

    Yay, NASA, indeed! Very cool!

  • Rufus

    We’re now heading into year 41 since a human set foot on another heavenly body.

  • SteveBrooklineMA

    Thanks NASA for giving me this gift… that I paid for. Well, that I and a zillion other taxpayers paid for. It’s a small pet peeve of mine. When a new bridge is opened, at least you don’t see it reported as “a gift to the people of Wisconsin from the State Government.”

    I think every photo NASA takes should immediately be posted on the web.

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