Open the door, let ’em in …

Before I hear Pete Rose do his usual “Hey, look at me!!!” squawking on the Baseball Hall of Fame inductee announcement day, I’ll take Biggio, Schilling, Raines and/or Morris for the Class of 2013, please. Don’t worry, Mssrs. Bagwell and Piazza, I like you guys for next year’s class. Here’s Joe Posnanski’s thoughts on the whoses and whatnots for Hall worthiness in what could get messy if Bonds and/or Clemens get enough votes.

UPDATE: “Pa” and “thetic,” not a soul for the Class of 2013. At minimum, as Brett mentions in the comments, Buck O’Neil should be granted entrance to where he’s been missing for too long.

Would Ty Cobb have used steroids? I want you to think about that question for a minute. Would Ty Cobb have used steroids? While you think, take a look at a handful of Cobb quotes:

“Baseball is a red-blooded sport for red-blooded men. It’s no pink tea, and mollycoddles had better stay out. It’s a struggle for supremacy, a survival of the fittest.”

“I may have been fierce, but never low or underhand.”

“Baseball was 100 percent of my life.”

“Many a writer has said that I was ‘unfair.’ Well, that’s not my understanding of the word. When my toes were stepped on, I stepped right back.”

“I regret to this day that I never went to college. I should have been a doctor.”

“In legend, I am a sadistic, slashing, swashbuckling despot who waged war in the guise of sport.”

So what do you think? Would Cobb, who famously needed to win but who held himself to principles that few others really understood, have used steroids?

Answer: We have no bleeping idea.

See, that’s the trap of this whole PED Hall of Fame discussion — it’s tempting to start thinking you know more than you know, understand more than you understand and can get inside the heart of someone else.

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  • Scott M.

    Whatever Eric says…I hate baseball down to my DNA’s shit!

  • I like Biggio for sure. Raines deserves to get in and if Eddie Murray gets in then Fred McGriff definitely deserves to get in, though he won’t get any love for whatever reason.

    Bagwell as well and Piazza in a few years too. It doesn’t sound good for Morris, though I think he should be in for sure.

  • JohnFN

    The voters I know are either voting for nobody or voting for everyone. What a mess.

  • goozer

    Keep the PEDophiles out of the Hall!

  • A Hall of Fame without Buck O’Neil is only a hall.

    • Amen to that, Brett! Maybe with the conundrum presented by this year’s voting (as evidenced in JohnFN’s above comment), the Veterans Committee can finally put Buck where he belongs. Two more minutes …

  • goozer

    Looks like the door was locked…

  • Dr. Schplatt

    I didn’t even know this was a possibility, but then I don’t follow baseball all that closely. Seems like there has to be a baseball player somewhere who needs to be in the hall and if the half dozen they put up for a vote suck, then they come up with a new list and vote again in a month. Or, they find new people to vote. Either way, it’s kind of like the hockey lockout, something is wrong.

  • Stosh from the Sticks

    If baseball wants to preserve the Hall only for folks who they consider at least minimally decent in terms of non-athletic onsiderations (hedge language added for those who want to use Ty Cobb as the counterexample), that’s fine with me.

    But there should be some way of recognizing outstanding players who were less than exemplary in their overall behavior, so I propose that the Hall add an outhouse – a physically-separate building for outstanding ball-players with flaws in their careers – Joe Jackson, Eddie Cicotte, Buck Weaver, Pete Rose, and the whole motley collection of steroid users.

    Individuals consigned to the outhouse should have a means for appeal, and that’s not an unrealistic suggestion – Fergie Jenkins was banned from baseball once when he got busted for marijuana possession; he won on an appeal to the baseball establishment shortly thereafter, and got elected to the Hall in the not too distant past.

  • Matt Helm

    Yea, on Buck O’Neil.

    • “God’s been good to me. They didn’t think Buck was good enough to be in the Hall of Fame. That’s the way they thought about it and that’s the way it is, so we’re going to live with that. Now, if I’m a Hall of Famer for you, that’s all right with me. Just keep loving old Buck. Don’t weep for Buck. No, man, be happy, be thankful.”

  • JohnFN

    Biggio gets in next year, unless he gets caught in the Maddux/Glavine wake. Morris probably gets in, there will be a push since it’s his last year on the ballot.

    Bagwell and Piazza will have trouble because of the “suspicions.” Clemens and Bonds may make it one day, based on their performances before the PED-era. Sosa has no chance in hell.

    Schilling gets in eventually.

    • The Baseball writers royally screwed the pooch here.

      If they really cared for the game and its fans (the real reason for the HOF — the fans) instead of their self-righteous posturing they would have voted in Biggio, Buck O’Neil, Schilling, Morris, and I say Fred McGriff — better numbers than Eddie Murray and he would have over 500 homers if not for the 1994-95 strike) and held up those men as a standard for baseball played right. The PED crowd gets stiffed or delayed and those that played it right — and excellently — would be in and Cooperstown would have its celebration.

      Now Biggio, et al. might very well get stuck in the coming glut of those backed up by this 0-fer plus Glavine, Maddux, et al.

  • JohnFN

    Well there you go Floyd, quoting statistics and facts while not considering what goes on in the mind of a sports writer. Whether or not said player was a good quote,sent pizza to the press box, or ever gave you information. McGriff was quiet and did t self promote, which hurt him. Biggio didn’t play in New York, which hurt him. To an extent it is about everything except baseball. It is no coincidence that this righteous stand against steroid users coincides with the fact McGwire, Bonds, Sosa and Clemens were difficult to deal with to varying degrees. It is also why Rose would easily make it if he were eligible. He was a good quote and went out of his way to help writers.

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