Bumped — That’s why, I say, frack it

Tonight, tonight, tonight …

Had the privilege of attending the People’s Republic of Santa Monica LA premiere of Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney’s FrackNation last night. The New York Post’s Kyle Smith will do a much better job of giving you a decent review, so even though Phelim didn’t utililze the services of our own EPA-slaying Rich Trzupek, instead relying on (amongst others) a couple Penn State professors to help debunk myths about the dangers of fracking, I will merely highly recommend it for your living room on 1/22 — AXS.tv (channel 340 for you DirecTV subscribers). You won’t get international film and television star Nick Searcy leading the post-movie Q&A session like we did, but you already knew that. Yes, unlike the fact-filled and Gasland makers-infuriating documentary, I am a stinkah.

If you get an Oscar nomination for fearmongering based on rumors and lies, what do you get for debunking the Oscar nominee? Nothing, probably, but Phelim McAleer, who in FrackNation gleefully shreds assertions made in the anti-fracking documentary Gasland, should be content to have struck a blow for truth.

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