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For any one interested and near a computer later tonight, I’m honored to be Jack Marino’s 100th guest. God knows what we’ll be discussing beyond last night’s FrackNation screening since I otherwise really only have our humble and cozy Threedonia under my belt to promote at the moment, but it’s Jack. He’s always entertaining.

Friday, Jan 11, 20113 at 8PM PST & 11PM EST
Jack Marino Warriorfilmmaker Show on on Channel 2

Primarily residing in the “Where Are They Now?” files when not making occasional appearances on Titan Radio’s “The Koz Effect” shows, or contributing music, sports and other pop culture posts to the blog, Eric gained a modicum of infamy as the former co-host/moderator of the online Radio Free Threedonia, which “aired” from 2009-2012.

Before closing their virtual doors, RF3D (as the not-so-cool kids called it) welcomed a diverse array of guests to their patent-pending brand of “funsanity,” including international television and film star Nick Searcy, Jonah Goldberg, S.E. Cupp, D.B. Sweeney, Queensryche’s Geoff Tate, Saxon’s Bif Byford, AlfonZo Rachel, Andrew Klavan, Thaddeus McCotter, Stelio Savante, Rolling Stone columnist and author Anthony Bozza, That Metal Show’s Jim Florentine, Dr. Ted Baehr, and many more, as well as Christian Toto and John Nolte before their Big Hollywood days.

The writer/director of “Looking for Oscar,” the YouTube-only documentary on 1970s baseball featuring Bob Costas and the legendary Bill “Spaceman” Lee, and front-man for Glorious Disaster (the rock band behind the anthems “Unfriendly Fire” and “Common Sensical”), Eric can also be found umpiring in the Burbank area when not spending time with his lovely wife Brooke and their devoted pooch Grover.

If you miss the LIVE show you can always go back to the archive and hear it then

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