I AM Afraid of Americans

I have seen ads for this show that is about to premiere on FX called “The Americans“.

It’s obvious from the commercials that at least part of the show is about spies from the Soviet Union that are living and working in the USA during the 80’s.

Jonah Goldberg over at National Review On-Line spotted an article in The Hollywood Reporter where the executive producer of the new series says he wants viewers to root for members of the KGB…you know the folks who swore they would “bury us”. The same person also laments that we can’t make a similar show about al-Qaeda. What simple minded dolts we are. SMH.

Goldberg goes on to say…

Yeah, it’s awful that we haven’t come far enough as a country where a TV show that champions al-Qaeda can be made today. But at least we’ve come far enough along where we can have a TV show celebrate a country that murdered tens of millions and enslaved whole nations

Where’s Tail Gunner Joe when you need him?

By the way is there any Who song left that hasn’t been used on a TV show yet?

10 comments to I AM Afraid of Americans

  • Well, I was kinda jazzed to see this show … was.

    To The Who, be thankful “Eminence Front” ranks as one of their best non-overplayed hits and, especially in light of the above info, they didn’t use “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

  • I guess the obvious David Bowie song wasn’t for sale or they couldn’t afford it.

  • Squeeze Box should be used here. No reason. :-)

  • JS Lawalin

    How about this quote, ” “And there’s no question that repressive socialism failed, but unbridled consumption hasn’t exactly led to great satisfaction — and one problem is how do we express that dramatically.”

    This really makes me angry. The Soviet Union was practicing ‘repressive socialism’? Someone needs to explain to this tool that ALL socialism is repressive. It has to be. And then to equate communism with free markets? Either he is extremely ignorant, or is practicing the favorite progressive hobby of revisionist moral equivalence.

  • Scott M.

    Tail Gunner Joe pointed out that the government was riddled with Red spies.Look where it got him.

  • JimmyC

    Oh, we’re supposed to root for the communists now? I guess that means that the 100+ million people they murdered just came back to life. And that all the millions of people that they tortured and oppressed all over the world have just gotten over it. Man, I’m always the last one to find out about these things.

  • Was speaking with a friend, who’s like us in mindset (albeit more libertarian) and also did the music for the pilot episode, and he says we should more than give the show a chance. We’re apparently going to want to root for the main characters. Just reporting what was shared with me.

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