Assault Weapons

It’s official… society, for the sake of the children, now needs to enact breast control:

A 50-year-old Everett woman is accused of smothering her boyfriend by lying on his face. Witnesses said the woman had her chest on the victimโ€™s face, a Snohomish County Sheriffโ€™s Office document said. Deputies said they were called to the Airport Inn trailer park at 12:45 a.m. Saturday for a report of a disturbance where medics were performing CPR on a 51-year-old man. Medics took the man to Swedish Hospital in Edmonds, where he was pronounced dead.

Police said that in addition to the victim, a man and three women were at the scene, all who were heavily intoxicated. One of the women, Donna Lange, lived in the mobile home with the victim, a police report said. Witnesses said during the evening at the coupleโ€™s mobile home, there were two incidents in which they heard the couple arguing, and in one incident, they saw Lange throwing down her boyfriend in the back of the mobile home and the victim was heard telling Lange to get off of him, police documents said. Deputies said witnesses told them Lange was later found on top of the victim, with her chest on his face.

I’m not exactly sure what to add except that I don’t think dying this way is as good as it might look on paper. And extra stereotype points for drunk denizens of a trailer park. And on a serious note, I hope Miss Lange gets a long stretch if she is, in fact, guilty.

ED: I reorganized the text of story into paragraphs — an art which apparently doesn’t exist in the world of people who write copy for television news websites.

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