Major Reworking

Here is a digitally reworked version of “Losing My Religion” where every minor chord/note is converted into a major one. Of course, it changes the mood of the original, but it’s a pretty cool effect.

More at their Facebook page MajorScaledTV

3 comments to Major Reworking

  • Rufus

    Wow! Michael Stipe annoys me worse than almost anyone else on the planet.

  • Stosh from the Sticks

    Very cool – I think I liked that version more than the original (which isn’t saying much).

    I know squat about the technical end of music, but listening to that brought to mind my high school music teacher, who in class one day (probably in a futile attempt to rouse a bunch of dreary-eyed guys) asked us to call out the names of popular songs, which he then transcribed by ear and played on the piano in the form of Gregorian chant. I remember almost nothing about high school music, but that I’ll never forget.

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