Friday Open Thread 

Thirteen Tombs of the Ming
I’ll be in Beijing for the next 2 weeks. Jimmy will be minding the store. I may be able to check in here or there. My phone is due an upgrade so I will run the Great Firewall and brick the phone upon my return!

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  • Excellent article by Evan Sayet about how Trump is the warrior we need:

    Much as I dislike Trump personally, Sayet has a point: we’ve tried being better than the Left, and how has that worked out for us?

    • I’ve always believed in taking the high road, but I’m having second thoughts. At some point, it becomes a bully situation — he’ll keep it up until the victim fights back. Maybe what’s needed to restore civility is to remind the opposition — good and hard — what barbarism really brings about.

    • Scott M.

      Maybe you would rather have Ben Saase,Boy Orater of the Platte.He fights!

      • JimmyC

        Sasse has done a lot more to stand up for conservative principles than you or anyone else here, Scott. But hey, go ahead and shit on the people who are fighting for you, if it makes you feel better.

    • So glad Evan and I mended fences before I left SoCal. Fun again watching him slice and dice the left. Like Andrew Breitbart, Trump certainly not the perfect warrior, but absolutely perfect for the kind of war we on the right need to fight … or fight back as Andrew liked to say/practice.

    • Rufus

      That really is an excellent piece. Comprehensive, concise and well written. It should be shared far and wide.

      • Rufus

        Kurt Schlichter has also been stating the same, eloquently and hilariously. “They’re not going to like it when their rules are used on them.”

        • Indeed. I may dislike Trump, but I loathe the Left for making him necessary.

          The other day, I saw a bunch of liberals on Twitter attacking Trump as an unbelievable sexist merely for complementing the First Lady of France on her looks. These are the same people who defended Bill Clinton’s multiple acts of sexual harassment and rape as no big deal, but Trump can’t even politely compliment a woman? These people have no principles, yet they feign moral outrage at everything Trump does.

  • Psycho feminist publicly insults her own sons – CHILDREN – as “unsafe”, inherent sexists and potential rapists, just because they’re males.

    Big surprise that one of her kids is suicidal. Imagine growing up with no male role model and a mother who literally hates you and publicly shames you just because of your gender. This is what leftism does to people today. It is a disease.

    Separate question: how can gender make you inherently evil and he a social construct at the same time?

  • Raoul Ortega

    “How can gender make you inherently evil and be a social construct at the same time?”

    You’re showing your patriarchal privilege merely by asking that question.

  • Scott M.

    A Traitor’s Heart…Vidkun Quisling

    Achieved immortality through his name…executed 1945.

    • Visited Akershus Castle in Oslo once, and saw the spot where the Quisling government used to shoot resistance members. The inscription says, “They fought, they fell, they gave their all.” Gave me the shivers.

  • Dana Loesch takes Linda Sarsour and the rest of “Farrakahn’s Angels” to the woodshed.

    Dana should really be giving liberals a safeword before she destroys them like this. It seems only fair.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    I’ll be sure to wave from the free China and you go to the other one…

  • Rufus

    Safe travels, Floyd!

  • Rufus

    Ace reviewed three of Joe Scarborough’s recently released songs and in the comments one of the ‘rons coined the pseudonym, “Beavis Costello.”


  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Will you bring us back some Almond Boneless Chicken? Always wondered what it must taste like when prepared by genuine Chinese. Around here, they’re all Vietnamese. That can’t be good.

    • Rufus

      China is full of KFCs, Pizza Hut and Dairy Queens. Floyd’s more likely to find you a peanut buster parfait than almond chicken.

      • Say what you will about fast food, it’s great comfort food when you’re overseas and dealing with culture shock. Plus, you can get beer at Burger King in many parts of Europe. Good times.

        • Rufus

          I’ve worked in about 20 foreign countries and tried to never eat in American chains. Not out of dislike of them, but in order to experience as much of the local culture as possible. However, American fast food saved us on our first family trip to meet my wife’s relatives. The kids were various ages, but all quite young, between the jetlag and days spent with people who did not speak English a daily stop at McDonald’s really helped us keep them from breaking down.