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We’re Doomed

Kit mentioned this the other day, I mentioned it the next day and only a couple of people cared enough to comment so I will bombard you with it till more of you acknowledge its existence and the insipid nature of the idiots hyperventilating about it.

Apparently the BBC, CNN or Pravda (either, or it’s all the same) interviewed Prince Harry the other day and sensitive souls the world over are aghast that he said he killed Taliban during his time as an ATTACK HELICOPTER PILOT in Afghanistan. I guess it’s big news to them that AH-64s actually go out and fire their weapons and kill people during a war of all things.

As a cherry on the cake of stupidity that is this story I present the cast of the NBC Today Show.

“He jumped the shark when they showed him playing video games”

I can tell you from personal experience that many, MANY gun pilots play X-Box while waiting for a mission…just sayin.

For more of their mouth breathing goodness go HERE

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  • -fritz-

    Holy Cow! Prince Harry is a “real” human being and a soldier too! There will never come a time when the wags know when to shut up! In other words, “What’s all the hubbub, bub?” Did they expect him to invite the Taliban for bloody high tea?

    And on a different note, as I mentioned last week, maybe now Rufus will gain a bit of respect for the Royals

  • Scott M.

    Yeah,Star,we shouldn’t have gotten them Nazis riled up either.

  • Loyal Goatherd

    A bit of moral preening on the part of the talking heads. “All really important people live like I do and have the privlege to live in this technologically sophisticated society inter-connected by satellites and high speed internet. And all us real people can look down on those who do not share our highest standards of sophisticated society.” It never occurs to them that the taliban is not sitting in a cave watching TV for offensive thoughts expressed by someone who should know better than to give offense. It so offensive! As if the taliban fighter says to his friends at the water cooler at lunch, “I believe we should attack today , I’m so offended!”
    This cultural bias screams elitism and cultural tunnel-vision.

    One need consider no further past the “jumped the shark” reference. When Fonzie jumped the shark, the show “Happy Days” ceased to be a cultural touchstone. Are we to imply that the war is no longer relevant, or the royalty of England have lost relevance? What Miss big thoughts is implying is that she now considers these persons and events to be beneath her high standards of sophistication and will no longer accept any evidence to the contrary. Dismissed! Next case?

  • INFJ

    “Kill people”, oh my, he should jolly well know better. He shouldn’t be annoying the Taliban chappies. – Why the hell does the lefty media think our men and those of our allies risk their lives in that God forsaken place?

  • Tracy,txmom2many

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure the taliban know attack helicopters are there to kill them, no matter who is piloting it. It’s not like they watched that interview and said, “oh, they’re here to KILL us…..I didn’t get that….I’m mad now.”

    What are they supposed to do in the off times? It’s not like they can run down to the mall and see a movie or even spend time with their loved ones. Are they supposed to be crying in their bunks over the people who would have killed them if they hadn’t aimed as well as they did? We give my BIL a hard time a lot about the video games he plays while deployed, but I’m glad he has them.

  • Scott M.

    Well,if the Taliban came into this country and promised to kill only liberals and Democrats I’d give them one of my credit cards to buy weapons.

  • kbiel

    Aw, they ain’t riled up, they’re dead.

  • Was going to link this story on Facebook, the other day – but, unfortunately, it also had some silliness about some naked pics, or some such. One story at a time, folks. :) Anyway – thought it was pretty damn cool of young Prince ‘arry.

  • Rufus

    Perfect title, Outlaw. I know it’s normal to sense a “generation gap” as one ages, but this is really something significant. Many of the folks in shock are my age, or older. We have significantly failed as a society to develop viable grown-ups. Ironically, England is in even worse shape.

    However, I can guarantee this raised Harry’s stock with the ladies immensely.

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