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Virgin Territory

Somewhere George Costanza is wailing about “worlds colliding”. JJ Abrams… master of two domains:

J.J. Abrams is set to direct “Episode VII.”

Sources have confirmed the “Star Trek Into Darkness” filmmaker will helm the next “Star Wars” movie, the highly anticipated installment in the landmark franchise scheduled to reach theaters in 2015.

“Star Wars: Episode VII” will be written by Michael Arndt, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Toy Story 3.”

Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan have been tapped to write “Star Wars” projects as well, but it’s unclear whether their scripts will be for future episodes or for films outside the official trilogy.

Maybe the United Federation of Planets will come up against the rebels. My guess is that the Tribbles turn out to be Ewok spawn. Some Trekker and Leia Cinnabon fan club responses here. Suck it nerds. :-)

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  • Daniel Crandall

    The Empire ‘clones’ all have guns. And the Trekkies? Except for one gun, one knife and a phaser probably set on stun, they’re blowing kisses, doing calculations, and giving the Empire baddies some very stern looks. Proving that Star Trek is for wimps.

  • I have a feeling Andrew’s review of The Dead Pool over at Commentarama is gonna turn into a Star Wars thread. As I wrote there:

    Part of me wishes this had happened five years ago. JJ would’ve gotten Star Wars and other filmmakers would’ve gotten Star Trek.

    And this doesn’t help the stereotype that Hollywood is an incredibly incestuous place. Why should the same guy get both franchises? It’s almost unfair, but I guess Disney backed-up a dump truck full of money to Abrams’ house. He even said he wouldn’t do it out of loyalty to Trek.

    And it would’ve been nice if they had gone with a filmmaker who maybe didn’t have geek cred. Look at the original films – the best film was directed by the guy with no experience with effects or science fiction. They should’ve tried to get a director who simply knew how to make a great movie with memorable characters, as opposed to someone the geeks would approve of.

    J.J. has certainly had success on TV but as far as his FILM career, he ain’t Spielberg. He’s produced some stuff and he’s directed four films, three of which are based on 60s TV series, and another that’s Spielberg-lite.

  • Texacalirose

    Ma Feinkenstein says her goal is to eliminate the bad guns through attrition. My goal is to eliminate Democrats.

    Trivia question: How many law enforcement credit unions have been robbed vs. regular banks? Kerpow.

    Advice du jour: Keep your booger hook off the bang switch. (I saw this on a right wing extremists’ blog)

  • JimmyC

    Great. If there’s two things the Star Wars universe needed, it’s lens flares and moral relativism.

  • -fritz-

    If Dart Vader and Worf ever meet there will be big trouble !

  • Scott M.

    What,Paul Kinsey isn’t writing it?Hare Krishna.

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