Cue the band with the miniature violins.

I guess changing the law isn’t enough, the NY Times had to run and find some cry babies that quit when they didn’t get their way.

One was a Black Hawk pilot in Iraq who left the Army after she lost out on the chance to advance to an elite Special Operations helicopter combat unit because it was off limits to her as a woman.


I guess flying in combat doing Air Assaults, MEDEVAC and other COMBAT missions where people were shooting at her wasn’t enough. What makes her think she would be selected if she was even allowed to go to the 160th? She does know there’s a process called selection right? Or was she just using that fact as an excuse for quitting?

I could use a quote from Team America right now but since its Sunday I won’t.

The author of the article implies that there is or was a glass ceiling for women that aren’t able to serve in these types of elite units. I know of a lady (she was my boss for a time) who flew Black Hawks and is now a Brigadier General and the Assistant Division Commander of the 1st Cavalry Division…yeah I can see where that lack of Special Operations flying held her back.

No that woman is a quitter pure and simple.

I don’t know where people got the idea that just because you WANT to do something you always can. I WANTED to be a pitcher for the Houston Astros. You don’t always get what you want…it’s called being an ADULT. Grow the f-up.

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