Black Helicopters!

Maybe Outlaw can shed light on exercises such as this, but I’m not very comfortable with military exercises over American cities. Not for any conspiratorial reasons, but safety. Things do wrong in these things sometimes and it shouldn’t be over well populated areas. That’s why God made Third World cities. Anyway… I’m willing to be educated if this isn’t a big deal or has always been done.

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  • Scott M.

    I thought it was African American helicoptors

  • Daniel Crandall

    “Blank rounds pinging off the high rise…”

    Another “Reporter” shows how far one can get after being made stupid with what little education that college “Communications” degree provided.

    “What a Maroon!! What an Ignoranumous!!!”

  • They have done this kind of thing in Houston more than a few times. The rounds were blanks.

    When you train for real world “no fail” missions, you sometimes need high rises. As you might imagine no military base has that kind of architecture. Before I flew missions over Baghdad I had no training trying to find people in a congested city, it would have been nice training to have. Special Ops does it because, as you might imagine when they do it for real it has to be right the first time.

    Helicopters fly over big cities all the time as I am sure everyone is aware of, the difference here is they are firing blanks and causing a ruckus. Sometimes for being supposed “quiet professionals” the folks in the 160th are kind of showboats. Additionally I’m fairly certain they could have found a lower profile location than Miami if they looked.

  • Daniel: He may have been referring to the sound of blank rounds pinging off the high rises. Ping is, after all, a word more closely associated with sound waves than rifle rounds.

    • Daniel Crandall

      P, you give this reporter more credit than I. I’m fully aware of sound bouncing off things. Naval use of sonar ‘pinging’ off targets could be where the term gained popular usage. However, note that the reporter doesn’t say “the sound of blanks” are pinging off buildings. He very clearly said, “Blank rounds pinging”. Not the sound. It was as if he wanted people to have the impression the military was firing “rounds” willy-nilly.

      No, matter how you slice it, it’s a non-news story. Why report on political scandals, lies, and malfeasance when you can gin up conspiracy theory nutters with this bit of stupidity.

  • TRO

    Blackhawks and Chinooks fly over my house about every other day and low too on a flight path in and out of Fort Campbell. I love the sound and the way they rattle the house a bit. It’s a cliche’ but you gotta love the sound of freedom. I guess stuff like this does tend to upset the citified folks though . . .

  • Mrs.Make.Do

    This has little to do with this story except for the military connection, but I thought I’d share:

    Back in 2000, the National Guard was moving some equipment from our state (we were in MT at the time) and a huge cargo plane flew right over our house. I don’t know if it was flying low or if it was just the size of the plane that made it seem low, but I remember marveling that something so huge that appeared to be moving so slowly could remain suspended in the sky. It was surreal. I’m sorry I don’t remember the C-whatever classification it was; I do remember reading that it was the largest cargo plane in service at the time. It was a monster.

    I stood out in the yard and watched it go directly over my head. It was awesome.

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