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Look out Canteen Boy!

The Boy Scouts of America seem poised to force me to take my son out of their organization… sad.

Imagine that a group of girls is going on a long camping trip, supervised by adult volunteers who are young men you barely know. Would you let your 15-year-old daughter go?

Nearly every parent, I think, would recognize the folly, even though the men might well be models of good behavior. Why should our common-sense response be any different if the 15-year-old is a boy and the possible, even if not-likely-to-be-acted-on, sexual attraction of the adult supervisors is homosexual rather than heterosexual?

Sadly, in the face of intense pressure from ideologues, the Boy Scouts of America are reportedly on the verge of abandoning their long-held policy against gay scout leaders. Among the many corporations facing petition campaigns from gay activists, Merck and UPS recently announced that their charitable foundations would no longer contribute to the Boy Scouts.

Under the policy change that the Scouts’ national board will consider next week, the churches, schools and civic groups that sponsor troops would each be free to adopt their own policies on gay leaders and scouts.

Yet this proposed revision is incoherent and unworkable. The national Boy Scouts leadership obviously recognizes that it’s legitimate to disapprove of homosexual conduct, as the revised policy would let troops continue to exclude gays. But the change would deprive those troops of the protection that only a uniform national policy provides.

I take it back… it’s not sad, it’s infuriating.

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  • Texacalirose

    My employers have asked me to make charitable donations via payroll deduction over the years. BSA was never on the checklist, but one could write in the organization of his choice. I always chose the Boy Scouts. No more.

  • Patriot Post’s Mark Alexander sums things up near identically to my thoughts.

    A decade ago, when you first joined my Cub Scout Pack, I wrote the BSA’s National Executive Board about concerns regarding advertisers in the Cub and Boy Scouting magazines. The great Scouting stories were wrapped in ads for junk food and video games.

    I was struck by the fact that on the one hand, we, as leaders, were charged with encouraging our boys to develop healthy habits for life — and on the other hand, the national organization was serving them a monthly dose of junk food and video game advertising.

    The BSA responded that without those advertisers, it would be difficult to fund their glossy publications. I rebutted that this was a “Faustian bargain,” that it conveyed the wrong message in every respect. I heard nothing more from the BSA.

    Fast forward to the BSA news this week. In light of all the reports and litigation over the abusive predation on boys by homosexual adults in leadership positions with churches and other organizations, the notion that the BSA is considering lifting its ban on homosexuals holding such positions is mind numbing, stupefying — in fact, shocking.

    Now, clearly all homosexuals are not molesters of teens and pre-teens, but where same-sex molestation occurs, homosexuals are almost always the perpetrators. So, why would the national BSA board consider a motion to remove its national restriction on homosexual leaders, and invite avowed homosexuals to fill “select leadership” roles?

    Well, for much the same reason the BSA advertised junk food and video games in its national Scouting magazines. Several corporations have pulled their support for the BSA because of their sexual orientation policies, including Intel, Merck and UPS. Verizon is now being pressured by homosexual advocacy groups to withhold its support. The national BSA board includes a few wealthy corporate executives, who appear to be more interested in dictating BSA policy that comports with their corporate bottom line than with the mission of Scouting. They are completely out of touch with rank and file Scouts and leaders across the nation.

  • goozer

    A lot of folks here at BSA HQ are whistling past the graveyard. I do not look forward to re-entering the job market again.

  • Scott M.

    Well don’t the Girl Scouts have lesbian Scoutmasters?

  • So, I guess they’re going to have to drop that last line in the Scout Oath about being “morally straight.”

  • Scott M.

    It’s a hard question…

  • JimmyC

    Liberals say we can’t let our kids near priests now, because one of them might be a gay pedophile, but apparently we should force the Scouts to send our kids on a camping trip with a gay man.

  • It seems to me this policy demands a reciprocal agreement from the Girl Scouts to allow male heterosexual girl scout leaders. Unless you believe that homosexuals are somehow morally superior, and can be trusted with young people of the gender to which they’re attracted, and heterosexuals are inferior and cannot.

  • -fritz-

    The whole thing simply sickens me! The liberals, homosexuals and others with identity problems need to simply butt out of clubs, groups and any other organizations they don’t see eye to eye with. You don’t see me going all out to infiltrate any gay or lesbian or transwhatevered clubs or groups! Seriously! Their reasons, though they’d never admit to it, has an agenda to decay the moral fiber of America’s youth, and they’ve almost accomplished it!

  • David Marcoe

    Back when I worked with Modern Conservative, one of the ideas we worked on was was a Boy Scout-type chivalric organization based around MMA, in the similar way to the Boy Scouts being based around wilderness survival. I wonder if an organization like the Knights of Malta (yeah, those Knights of Malta…they still exist), with chapters all over the world, would be interested in creating some type of para-chivalric program for young boys. Having just read about how Catholic schools are carrying out a fairly ambitious program to recover from falling enrollment, and having the article remind me that many non-Catholics send their kids to Catholic schools, I wonder if such a hypothetical organization, run by a Catholic order of knights, might have a similar cross-religious appeal, for similar reasons. I would think the history and name value alone might garner attention, and the purely humanitarian work carried out by their order these days can only generate goodwill.

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