3D Weekend Five-B-Gone: What Do YOU Think?

There’s been over a hundred Fives since the Five began back in the late 50s.  You’ve thrown out all manner & matter of opinions, arguments, and ridiculous-yet-charming theories.   But now it’s time for something completely different.  Or at least, scarily similar.

Starting this weekend I’ll be (occasionally) posting other people’s 5s/10s/50s, so instead of thinking of your own, you can make fun of somebody else’s.

(Of course, feel free, in true 3D fashion, to replace their opinion with yours.)

This week: Rolling Stone’s The 50 Funniest People Now.  Here’s their Top Ten.  Are they right? close? or morons who wouldn’t know from funny if it smacked ’em in the whoopie cushion?

10. Kristen Wiig 9. Bill Hader 8. Lena Dunham 7. Chris Rock 6. Amy Poehler 5. Matt Stone & Trey Parker 4. Jon Stewart 3. Tina Fey 2. Stephen Colbert 1. Louis C.K.

Except for Wiig (I loved Bridesmaids), and Hader (who seems harmless enough), and Stone & Parker (who take shots across the political spectrum),  the rest are Dead to Me.  Even if I used to love ’em (Rock) or at least admire them (Fey) — now I am bored of them.  Them and their open, loud, unabashed contempt for Conservative thought and Conservative folk.

What do you think?


21 comments to 3D Weekend Five-B-Gone: What Do YOU Think?

  • Shocked I am — shocked!!! — at the lack of diversity on the RS list. Oh, I’m sure they think it’s diverse, but living in bubbles has that effect, don’t it?

    1. Greg Gutfeld
    2. Bill Schultz
    3. Jim Jeffries — really need to get to the comedy special recently added to Netflix as I’m loving FX’s Legit.
    4. Nick DiPaolo – latest appearance on Red Eye still has me crying from laughter.
    5. Iliza Shlesinger

    • The fact that this list doesn’t include Gutfeld = proof of their douchebaggery. If Greg was a lib, he’d have been on 12 straight Vanity Fair/Rolling Stone/Entertainment Weekly/Vogue covers. Glad he stuck with us losers.

  • JimmyC

    Can’t argue with your assessment of those 10, Wanks. At this point, I’ve lost interest in most comedians due to either their political hackery or general douchebaggery (seriously, why do 90% of comedians think that acting like loud, foulmouthed, hostile assholes equals comedy these days?).

    My own 10 funniest people list would include:
    Steve Carell
    Dennis Miller
    Brian Regan
    Craig Ferguson
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Nathan Fillion
    Steve Byrne
    Gabriel Iglesias
    Kevin Hart
    Ellen Degeneres

    All of them are consistently funny without being mean-spirited, and (other than Miller) they avoid politics.

  • John Cleese remains the funniest person on the planet. I have spoken.

    • Ten (living): John Cleese, Jim Gaffigan, Tim Conway, Weird Al Yankovic, Brian Regan, Paul Rudd, Jessica Walters — hilarious on Arrested Development and Archer, Colin Quinn, Robert Downey Jr. and last but not least I’m going to drop my name in the hat. It doesn’t always come across in writing, but I’m very funny, and modest. :-)

  • Texacalirose

    In no particular order:

    Rowan Atkinson – I can watch him for hours.

    Bill Murray – everything, even his dead pan stare!

    Kristen Wiig (as Penelope. Reminds me of someone around here :)

    Ricky Gervais in Extras before he began his eejit atheistic rants that tainted his creativity.

    All the Blue Collar Rednecks, especially Ron White, aka Tater Salad.

  • Raoul Ortega

    If the Rolling Stone did a list of the top ten “clappers” (so-called comedians who get applause instead of laughs because you don’t laugh at things you agree with), it would be almost identical.

  • G.E. McCulley

    How about raising the dead:

    1. Groucho Marx

    2. W.C. Fields

    3. Jack Benny

    4. Bob Hope

    5. Phil Silvers

    6. Jackie Gleason

    7. Sam Kinison

    8. Gracie Allen

    9. George Burns

    10. George Carlin

    You can’t beat these guys with anyone alive today!

  • G.E. McCulley

    Jonathan Winters, Steve Martin, Jim Norton, Adam Carolla, and Bill Cosby.

  • -fritz-

    I know…I’m weird. That said, here are my funny men…not ten, but some:

    John Cleese(I’m with Lars on this one)
    Jeff Allen
    Jeff Dunham
    Steven Wright
    Steve Martin
    Johnny Carson
    Phil Hartman

  • Matt Helm

    I just got home from work (four hours of teaching a Saturday course, and five hours at a bar with co-workers), so I may have to comment further tomorrow. The fact that a top “50 funniest people NOW” doesn’t have Lisa Lampanelli on the list, never mind in the top 5, shows how pathetic and lacking in Stones the mag is.

  • Jim Gaffigan, Bill Murray, Dennis Miller, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Paul Rudd, Craig Ferguson, Greg Gutfeld and Weird Al.

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