Now THAT Is A Lot of Bombs

Check out this B-36 dropping bombs at Eglin AFB, FL back in the day.

Even -fritz- was too young to have been around for this one. :)

See this article about the saga of the last B-36 and how the City of Fort Worth tried to save it

What a beast of a plane.

Alarmed by the possibility of the airplane becoming airworthy, the Air Force decreed that work cease on the flyout effort. They explained that the airplane would be a threat to national security and would be a huge safety hazard if allowed to operate under civilian control. Their announced plan to repossess the bomber launched a long series of negotiations with the City of Fort Worth who came under intense local pressure to save the plane.

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  • Texacalirose

    I’m confused (duh). Is the CONVAIR B-36J PEACEMAKER in FW or at the Pima Museum in Tucson?

    • -fritz-

      It’s on display at Pima!

      • Texacalirose

        Thanks for clearing that up. I haven’t been to Arizona, land of my birth, in a long time. I have friends in Tucson now so maybe a trip is in my near future. I spent a lot of time in Tucson when I was a young girl but never went to the Pima Museum.

        • -fritz-

          I’ve never been either, but would love to see it. From their webhsite, it looks like they have a veritable crapload of planes on display already, and a lot more under restoration!

          • kbiel

            You must go, but plan for it to take at least a whole day and maybe even two. Also, from the Pima Air and Space Museum you can take a tour of AMARG.

  • -fritz-

    Sorry Outlaw, I was around for part of it. I remember when I was a kid in Nebraska hearing and seeing B36s flying east across the sky where I lived in Western Nebraska, headed back to Offutt AFB in Omaha. The B36s had a very distinctive sound that I would still recognize to this day, unique in every way as compared to any other plane. Later when I was an adult living in Arlington, TX, this particular plane was still on display at SW International Airport just off Highway 360, just outside Arlington, TX in Grand Prairie. I saw it parked there many times, until it was moved. At the time, I wondered where it had gone and did not know the details till just now reading this post!

    Thanks a lot for posting this! Very interesting indeed.

    • -fritz-

      Let me make a correction. GSW Airport was actually in an arm of land that extended east across the north side of Arlington and part of Grand Prairie. It actually was “in” Ft. Worth. I had forgotten that little nugget!

      • I remember seeing it there when I was a kid. I also remember seeing it outside the gate of the GD plant until it was moved. At first they were going to restore it for display at a museum that was to be built at Ross Perot’s Alliance Airport north of Fort Worth. When the museum was never built the plane was given to Pima in AZ.

        I suppose it’s nice that it’s displayed somewhere…but I find it kind of sad that it’s not here.

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