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  • A super Sunday morning to everyone.

  • Matt Helm

    Johnny Depp to play Whitey Bulger in a film adaptation of Black Mass.

  • Matt Helm

    The Wounded Warrior Project turns down donations from a religious school. They must be waiting for the liberals to pony up.

    • Some dipshit at WWP doesn’t understand the meaning of “nonpartisan”. I can see them not granting money to religious groups I guess, though telling a wounded vet how best to heal his spirit is a bit rich, but unless the money is criminal who cares mostly from where it comes?

      All that being said, I wager they’ll take the money. They do great work and given the nature of American philanthropy, they get the lion’s share of their money from Christians as it is.

      • Texacalirose

        I am a WWP EFTer and I have called the organization a few times and found that the persons answering the phones always sound to be mom & pop types, not the kind of hired help who stand in front of the grocery store gathering signatures for ballot measures. (Probably just a California thing because we have ballot initiatives & ballot propositions that can be put up for popular vote if the requisite number of registered voter signatures are acquired).

        The signature gatherers are hired (usually off craigslist) and paid based on the number of signatures they gather. They are not required to support or know anything about the propositions and advertise themselves with superficial blurbs like “Support Prop X and Help the Children.” I am incredulous when I hear store patrons engage the gatherers and inquire as to the merits of the proposition, trying for a little debate before the milk gets warm and the rotisserie chicken gets cold when all the petitioner wants is his signature quota so that he can get high. Any Cal residents here (Floyd) knows of what I speak.

        Anyhoo, I hope the WWP person was less dipshit and more naive, well meaning but misinformed, IOW, unclear on the concept. I’m taking my money back from BSA, so I hope this WWP dust up passes. I think Floyd’s wager is a good bet.

  • -fritz-

    Harry Reid, doing what Harry Reid does best:–abc-news-politics.html

    No, Harry, there must be spending cuts, such as reining in the “King” and his ol’ lady with their multi-million dollar vacations and golfing sprees on the company dime! I understand he’s having Air Force One touched up with a painting of a large putter on each side, and renaming it “Air Force Hole in One!”

  • Finally watching For Greater Glory and wondering how a cast member can be so dense to not comprehend the blatant religious freedom message, and still be one of President Obama’s biggest supporters. Then I remember Eva Longoria’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, and being appointed some kind of esteemed position by the White House must be really, really shiny.

  • JimmyC

    He may not have gay jungle fever, but he definitely has a case of Guy Love.

    Damn, I miss Scrubs. Although as disappointing as that last season was, I’m glad they’re not bringing it back.

  • Texacalirose

    Chris Culliver doesn’t either. Go 9ers.

    • Poor Chris… he’s just speaking the troof

      • Texacalirose

        None of that sweet stuff in here!

        • It’s funny how people seem to just not get the whole sexual attraction thing. Wimmins wouldn’t want men in their locker room precisely because we would ALL be checking them out. Even us nice guys — it would be impossible not to look unless it was maybe a D-1 softball team and even then there are exceptions. A gay guy in the locker room around a bunch of ripped naked guys showering and changing clothes. The problem is so obvious one who doesn’t recognize is either a liar or an idiot. (There see gay people I made a common sense argument against gays in BSA and locker rooms and didn’t once refer to the Bible or God or Leviticus.)

          • Texacalirose

            When I became SFPD, I spoke to my close circle about demanding a separate locker room from the gay females. I was half kidding until in later years there were a couple of incidents of straight women being sexually harassed by gay women in the locker rooms. I’m closer than ever to buying an RV and hittin’ the road.

            How big is your driveway? I’ll only stay a couple of weeks. :)

            • -fritz-

              Big driveway, electrical outlet(in case you’re still attached to the cord), a pool, and Julio the horny poolboy ! No rent charged, but must feed yourself. :-)

              • Texacalirose

                Riiight … There ain’t no free rides, Julio -fritz-. I may be from Texas, but I weren’t born thar, and it weren’t yesturday neither. But thanks for nuthin’, the offer. :)

                • -fritz-

                  Are you saying that “I” am Julio? I say, “Nay, nay!” Julio is currently in NorCal at Ms. Tink’s place cleaning up the mess he left there last summer! :-)

  • Texacalirose

    I watched Machine Gun Preacher last night (on-netflix-thank-you-Floyd-very-much). I didn’t know it was about Kony & the LRA. What a hideous situation. A few months ago I was on the receiving end of that mass email campaign that originated from the Kony 2012 videographers, exposed as fraudulent propaganda.

    I responded to the email blast in my usual way and recommended that instead of hand wringing and lamentations to our gubmint to “do something,” and instead of sending money to the unvetted “Invisible Children,” reading books like Dead Aid and acting thereafter was more productive.

    And we shouldn’t give them any F-16’s either.

  • Texacalirose

    Oh, the bad news this morning. Chris Kyle, “American Sniper,” killed in Texas.

  • Texacalirose

    Mr. Gabby Giffords pontificating on FNC this morning, “Gabby and I have guns ourselves, but … ” He is a dipshit. Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.

  • Loyal Goatherd

    Posting during a superbowl, guaranteed to be un-noticed, but from the brother mail bag, I give you The Doorbell

    *** floyd *** this also would make a good post.

    The backstory : “PowerLineBlog” recently held a competition for $100,000 for whomever could most effectively and creatively dramatize the significance of the federal debt crisis. Several entries have gotten a lot of attention, but the one that has gone most viral so far is ‘The Doorbell.’ It’s 59 seconds long:

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