Best Photoshop EVER!!!

Or at least = Top Ten.

(h/t Ace of Spades HQ)


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  • Texacalirose

    Iowahawk captioned, “Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting Wepubwicans.”

  • From the David Stein collection …

    “In what White House sources are calling a “miscommunication,” President Obama shot Skeeter, the beloved Muppet Babies character. The White House blamed the NRA for fomenting a “climate of hostility” against Muppets. For his part, President Obama blamed the foul-up on an anti-Islam movie.”

  • Both of these = BRILLIANT. I have not stopped laughing.
    (I’m back!) Just saw the one where he’s shooting out of the back window of the General Lee (db Dukes of Hazzard). I CHOKED, I was laughing so hard.

  • Texacalirose

    Uh, didn’t the WH admonish us NOT to photoshop the preezy?? Didn’t the WH throw a bloody piece of red meat in front of a Rottweiler and tell it not to drool?

    “Roll over!! Stay! Sit! Down, boy!”

    Riiiight …

  • 67Cougar

    You know, part of me WANTS that photo to be real. For if it is, considering the way he has the gun mounted, he got the ever loving sh*t kicked out of his cheek and shoulder when it went off.

    I can guarantee that if he did indeed fire the gun, it was his first attempt to fire it – his pain after doing such a stupid job of mounting the gun would have either taught him a lesson and he wouldn’t repeat it, or he would never pick up a gun again (the most likely).

    NO ONE in the Secret Service would have allowed Obama to shoot a shotgun in this fashion – for it put him in danger, and they’re supposed to know weapons. Somebody would have been giving him instructions, you would think (Of course, that presumes his agents weren’t in the clubhouse getting pastered with some underage hookers in their laps.)

    As far as this being proof that Obama shoots a lot of skeet … HORSESHIT!

    (all comments from experience – I have shot thousands of rounds of skeet and trap with all manner of shotguns, and no one but stupid newbies mount guns like that – and they only do it once!)

  • Matt Helm

    The angle he’s aiming at looks more like shooting bottles off a fence, than skeet shooting.

  • The Facebook hits just keep on comin’!!!


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