Nobody Download the Melon Camp

One and a half hit wonder? Check. Living off nostalgia? Check. Chubby? Well… that’s personal.

The man behind “The Twist” is suing the makers of an app that measures a man’s endowment, anatomy-wise, because well, he doesn’t want to be associated with that particular piece of equipment.

Attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of the 71-year-old singer — whose real name is Ernest Evans — on Monday in federal court against Hewlett-Packard and its subsidiary Palm Inc., reports the TCPalm news services.

The lawsuit claims that Hewlett-Packard and Palm Inc. maintain the Palm APP Catalog, a web-based store that sells apps for Palm smartphones. “The Chubby Checker,” according to the lawsuit, has been offered since Oct. 6, 2006.

The app claims to estimate the size of a man’s member based on his shoe size. For those not in the know — How can we put this delicately? Or can we? Nope — “chubby” is slang for an erection. As such, the singer claims his name is trademarked for use in his entertainment dealings and shouldn’t be used for the app’s pun purposes.

And how much (money) are we talking about? Well:

The website notes that the app has been available since Nov. 13, 2010, and has had a total of 84 downloads.

If my math is correct that would 99 cents times 84 downloads for a whopping $83.16. In federal court for such lawsuits one can get treble damages so now it’s a whopping $249.38. Maybe he can invest that in Gary U.S. Bonds.

h/t: Lowering the Bar

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