3D Weekend Five: The Grand Gesture

Now that VDay 2013 is in the history books,  it’s confession time!  What grand romantic gesture have you made/received/heard about/seen in a film (or on TV)?  I’m calling this the “-fritz- Five” because...of course.

One of my favorites probably belongs in a Nora Ephron movie (or a John Hughes one).  It was 1993, and my guy had absolutely blown the Valentine celebration.  So naturally, there was an early frost.  Until…

…he showed up at my place of business with a big bouquet, a six-pack of soda, and two french bread microwave pizzas.

I wasn’t budging: “Hmph.  You know we don’t have a microwave here!”

He winked and said, “I’ll be right back.”   And five minutes later, he staggered back in, bearing the giant (late 80s version) microwave oven from his apartment.


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  • -fritz-

    When I asked Mrs.-fritz- to marry be, I got down on one knee, wept like a girl, and begged her to marry me!

    Not really. I was going for drama there! Actually it all just happened. We met on Valentine’s Day 2003 at my place of work(MGM Grand Hotel). The proposal came over a dinner I had cooked for her sometime later…my signature chicken & rice. Usually quite good, if I say so myself. This time was different. I had totally forgotten to cook the chicken before putting the rice and sauce and chicken into a casserole and then into the oven for a bake. Needless to say, when the dish was served, the chicken was raw! Apparently my proposal wasn’t raw, because she accepted! 😀

  • From Ed… one of the best shows that never found an audience… Tom Cavanagh… unluckiest man on TV?

    Personally? I’m not creative enough for the Grand Gesture, but I take care of my woman in a thousand different ways… every damn day — and happily so. :-)

  • JimmyC

    I tried a grand romantic gesture once in college, and it went so horribly wrong (long story) that I decided they only belong in the movies. So when I met Mrs. C years later, I tried a humble romantic gesture instead, and it went much better.

    Our first date went really well, so we planned a second. But at the last minute, she called me and cancelled, because she had to take her chronically ill sister to the hospital for what was apparently the umpteenth time. But rather than just cancel the date, I asked her, “what hospital are you taking her to?” I showed up there with a bag of greasy Jack in the Box drive-thru for us to share, and we sat in the cafeteria, eating our dinners and chatting, while we waited for her sister to get taken care of. After a few hours, she was released, and I walked both of them back to their car.

    It was a simple gesture, but she got the message that I was serious about her. And the rest, as they say, is histrionics. 😉

  • Matt Helm

    One Valentine’s Day in the late 80s, I took an ex in a rented limo down to the Federal Hill area of Providence, RI, to have dinner at a great Italian restaurant. What the Hell was I thinking?!!! I think that’s why I subconsciously avoided relationships around that time of year for a decade or more. I usually had a window between Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day that was void of committed relationships.

    When I do propose to my girlfriend (when Obama is gone and I can afford a ring), I’ll find a fountain somewhere and recreate the scene from La Dolce Vita in the Trevi Fountain … and then scoop up all the change to help pay off the ring.

  • Tracy,txmom2many

    I guess his grandest gesture was the day before our wedding. My grandmother had decided that I would spend the night at my mother’s house with all my cousins. I didn’t want to, I wanted to be in my apartment with my friends and sister, close to the place we were getting married. My grandmother proceeded to cuss and yell at me and then my mom joined in, in the middle of a restaurant parking lot. Dr zoon stepped in between them and me and very firmly said, “she’s spending the night as she wishes. We’re leaving.” And even after that, he showed up the next morning and married me.

    Overall, I prefer the daily gestures. Any time my husband stands up for me with the kids, “you don’t treat my wife that way”, swoon. He’s really protective of my rest during pregnancy too, gets up with anyone needing night time service. He sends me flowers on the birthdays of our children who died. He flirts with me online. He can change diapers faster than I can, make up silly songs, and play Hello Kitty and flag football with the best of them. Watching him lead our family in prayer is also a swoon-worthy moment.

  • I needed a few tissues (okay, all right = a box!) to get through these.
    You’re all so huggable. I love you guys.

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