Son. Evil, Dumb, and Stupid’s No Way to Go Through Life

The Murderer of police officers’ supporters rallied in front of LAPD headquarters this past weekend.

Dozens of protesters rallied outside Los Angeles police headquarters Saturday in support of (a douchebag cop killer), the former LAPD officer and suspected killer of four who died after a shootout and fire this week at a mountain cabin following one of the biggest manhunts in recent memory.

Protesters told the Los Angeles Times they didn’t support the douchebag cop killer’s deadly methods, but objected to police corruption and brutality, and believed the douchebag cop killer’s claims of racism and unfair treatment by the department. Many said they were angered by the conduct of the manhunt that led to the douchebag cop killer’s death and injuries to innocent bystanders who were mistaken for him.

They don’t support his methods, just tolerate them since the ends justifies the means to these moral giants.

7 comments to Son. Evil, Dumb, and Stupid’s No Way to Go Through Life

  • JimmyC

    In all these decades that liberals have been holding rally after rally in support of murderers (Mumia, Tookie Williams, Leonard Peltier, etc.), have they ever held a single rally for their victims and their families? Just asking.

    • Scott M.

      Yet they’re the first ones to scream for the POlice when they are victimized.

    • Texacalirose

      I’ve had the honor of knocking together the heads of a few Mumia rioters supporters in my lifetime. I love the smell of patchouli oil in the morning.

      And I can’t count the number of times I was called to respond to altercations between drunken white, hispanic, black citizens “private persons” (we weren’t allowed to call anyone a citizen because it is prejudicial against illegal aliens – oh, can’t say that either … anyway, the knuckleheads would call the police because during the brawl/dope deal, their opponent hurled a racial epithet and so they wanted him or her arrested for “verbal assault.” Code 4. Abated. Next.

  • -fritz-

    Mark my words. There will be some dumb female somewhere, come out of the woodwork and want to marry the idiot posthumously!

  • Loyal Goatherd

    But you don’t understand, good is boring and ugly, evil is exciting and a href=””>comely or so some serpent has been telling us for, oh, six or seven thousand years. Yes, Hollywood was late to this parade, but they sure are trying to catch up!

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