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A Great Depression…

Meet Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts… former Harvard Law prof, liar extraordinaire, and perhaps in the running to be on the Democrats 2016 ticket… Don’t laugh… read this post from Legal Insurrection about a liberal website called Upworthy and how and why we are losing the digital war with liberals… Warren and anyone else in 2016… gives me chills.

I previously wrote about how BuzzFeed Politics has combined “the culture” and savvy crafting into a highly effective tool for undermining Republicans with subtle and not-so-subtle mockery. “Look at the goofy cat, look at the goofy celeb, look at the goofy Republican” is more dangerous to us than a 5000-word article in The New York Times Sunday Magazine.

To follow up on that theme, I happened upon a website called Upworthy, which had one its posts run at HuffPo, Elizabeth Warren Asks The Most Obvious Question Ever, Stumps A Bunch Of Bank Regulators.

The post was so wrong on substance, I just had to click over to the source.

And therein I learned what millions of very low-information young liberals already knew — there is this website called Upworthy which is one giant liberal activist social media machine which creates viral social media memes in the cause of liberal political activism.

Go read the whole thing. We can poo-poo Twitter, etc. all we want, but the ignorant masses are using them to whip us in national elections.

7 comments to A Great Depression…

  • Scott M.

    Damn,she’s ugly.

  • Texacalirose

    But we’ve got Karl Rove.

  • Ken in NH

    Do you have something against Cherokee* high cheekbones, Cherokee* blond hair**, and Cherokee* blue eyes.

    * Or is it Delaware? They all look the same to her.
    ** Well, it could have been a Cherokee* hair stylist who colored her hair.

  • JimmyC

    “Look at the goofy cat, look at the goofy celeb, look at the goofy Republican” is more dangerous to us than a 5000-word article in The New York Times Sunday Magazine. A-freaking-men! Until conservatives and the GOP wakes up to the fact that the Left is using the culture and its most potent weapon, ridicule, to destroy us, they’re not going to make any headway. They have an entire media and culture army, working in lockstep, to attack anyone they see as a threat. The media spins the stories to create a narrative, and the culture uses that narrative as a weapon to pound conservatives over and over again until their attacks are ingrained into our heads as truth.

    Until we start investing in our own Buzzfeed, HuffPo, etc. and push back, we’re always going to be the redheaded stepchildren of this country.

    • Gonna give a second a-freakin’-men! At least Rubio seems to be getting it re. the ridicule, spitting his recent water non-incident back in the libs’ faces, carrying around a water bottle wherever he went last week.

      Now if only more on the right will follow suit.

  • Matt Helm

    See my comment on The Following on the OT. This is what I mean. You can be caught dead in a lie now, and still hypnotize people through all Big Brother’s variations of boob tubes. If a cop killer can attract a fan club, it’s nothing for someone with high cheekbones and a dreamcathcer hanging off her rearview mirror. I don’t know if it’s the intention of the makers of the TV show, but they’re reflecting this phenomenon and I’m pretty sure they’re not aiming at conservatives when the “followers” on the show include homosexuals.

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