Get off your knees and hear the insect prayer

Adam Ant back in a glorious, glorious way, and well worth the wait for his Adam Ant Is the Blueback Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter album, even if he does seem to be aiming to be the UK’s answer to Fiona Apple in the lengthy album titles. I’d have shared a review a month ago, but the All Music Guide critic’s take pretty identical to what crept around in my brain (and he probably says it better).

Nifty little Rolling Stone interview here, too.

Did you feel less pressure having been away so long?
There’s always the welcome pressure of a certain competitiveness, but there wasn’t the kind of incessant chart pressure – “This week, you’re number three,” or number two. I’m behind that now, and I feel comfortable. I just want to make an album of different stories, if you like, drawing upon experiences that I’ve discussed many times in interviews. But I think the best way of answering certain questions is actually in a song, which allows the audience to make their own interpretations. I think it’s quite a traditional record in that respect, but I’ve never really had the luxury of allowing myself to do that.

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