You’re Getting Colder

Sacramento police find themselves confronted with the coldest of cold cases:

Police in Sacramento, Calif., are investigating the death of a 62-year-old man who died from a shooting—36 years after it happened.

Walter Johnson Jr., who was left paralyzed from the 1977 attack, died from complications related to his paralysis, leading police to rule his death a homicide. They are asking the public for help in its investigation.

It’s technically the fourth homicide in the California state capital this year.

According to a press release issued by the Sacramento Police Department , Johnson was driving to his parents’ home on April 9, 1977, at approximately 3:48 a.m. when three unidentified men blocked the roadway. They confronted Johnson in his vehicle, and a struggle ensued. Johnson was shot in the upper body. The suspects then robbed Johnson and “fled in a red or brown Ford Pinto.” The three suspects—described as Hispanic adults—were never apprehended.

This isn’t a statute of limitations case (there’s none for murder anyway), this is a causation case. If the cops find the shooters, the DA will have to tie the death to the shooting 36 years ago. That’s no mean feat.

4 comments to You’re Getting Colder

  • Matt Helm

    Yeah, but they couldn’t have gotten very far in a Pinto.

  • Scott M.

    Only 4 homicides so far?That’s a weekend in Memphis!

  • -fritz-

    We had a similar case here in Vegas some years back. The son of a man I worked with was shot in the neck by a couple of guys trying to jack his car because it had wheels they wanted. My friend’s son threw the car in reverse and they shot him. He lived about 7 years, but was never right after, and had lots of physical problems which ended up with his death. The LVMPD went ahead and changed the charges against the 2 perps to murder. It was easy for them, however, since they were still in the pen from the original charges regarding their attempted murder w/a deadly weapon, and attempted grand theft auto.

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