Head Games

“Sequestration” is all the rage these days it seems. Of course most of the mainstream media tongue-bathes Obama in this issue. Bob Woodward, however, shows the lie that the GOP started all of this automatic spending cut nonsense and that Obama hisself started it all back in 2011 or so. Even so dear readers, the joke is on us… did someone say automatic spending cuts? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

But the lie of sequestration goes even beyond predictable prevarications like LaHood’s. The sequestration cuts are from the government’s “baseline” budget, which includes built-in spending increases every year.

So what the professional politicians bewail as a spending cut is actually nothing more than a reduction in the amount that spending will increase each year. The Washington Examiner’s Byron York did a superb job earler this week explicating this fact on Greta Van Sustern’s show and in a column that focused specifically on how the Pentagon plays the game.

Put another way, this whole series of threats that the Pentagon won’t be able to defend the nation, passengers will have to suffer three and four hour waits in security lines at the airports (when they are open), women and children will be thrown off Food Stamps, and on and on are … lies, pure and simple lies.

Could it be that Congress ranks below used car salesmen in public esteem is because most voters have figured out that they are being lied to on issues like sequestration?

Even if that’s true, though, how to explain Obama’s consistently higher standing in the popularity ratings? Here’s a theory: Obama, like President Reagan before him, is protected by a form of political Teflon.

Teflon, ass-covering by the media whatever. The best way to combat Obama is not to play his game because Republicans will always get busted for their lies and cravenness and Obama NEVER will. It’s high time the GOP owns up to that. As St. Peter said in a different context…it is better if one “suffer for doing what is right rather than for doing what is wrong.”

And here is Byron York’s excellent take down of the Pentagon Scare:

But perhaps the biggest example of the Washington Monument maneuver is coming from the Defense Department, where it goes by another name. Over many decades of defense budget battles, the Pentagon has often used a tactic known as a “gold watch.” It means to answer a budget cut proposal by selecting for elimination a program so important and valued — a gold watch — that Pentagon chiefs know political leaders will restore funding rather than go through with the cut.

So now, with sequestration approaching, the Pentagon has announced that the possibility of budget cuts has forced the Navy to delay deployment of the carrier USS Harry S. Truman to the Persian Gulf. With tensions with Iran as high as they’ve ever been, that would leave the U.S. with just one carrier, instead of the preferred two, in that deeply troubled region.

“Already, the threat of these cuts has forced the Navy to delay an aircraft carrier that was supposed to deploy to the Persian Gulf,” Obama said at a White House appearance on Tuesday, in case anyone missed the news.

Some military analysts were immediately suspicious. “A total gold watch,” said one retired general officer who asked not to be named. Military commentator and retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters called the Navy’s move “ostentatious,” comparing it to “Donald Trump claiming he can’t afford a cab.”

It’s time to call them on their bluffs. Under which cup are the so-called budget cutters hiding the ball? It’s a trick question…. they have no balls.

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  • Scott M.

    Same old same old.When cities want to jack up taxes,they always threaten to fire all the police and firefighters and close all the libraries.

  • Texacalirose

    Sickquester is a farce. Ubama made it up and now is telling the Republicans not to call his bluff on it (what.a.buffoon).

    And BTW, the State of California furloughed its employees for three days, then for two days, then gave 5% pay cut from 2010 till present and it has made zip, nil, nada, zilch, no difference to our economy except I probably won’t be able to afford a ticket on that Zooper Train that’s coming … soon … any day now. All aboard.

  • Scott M.

    George Will made the same point as York…$3,000,000,000,000 cut by $85,000,000,000!

    • Daniel

      Do a little basic math on those numbers, Scott, that is reduce the zeros and you come up $3,000.00 in spending cut by $85.00.

      Keep moving that decimal point over and we see how ridiculous this circus is: $300.00 allegedly reduced by $8.50…

      More? Okay …0.85 cents allegedly removed from $30.00 worth of spending.. Eighty-five frickin’ cents… It doesn’t even come close to a penny for each dollar spent… Grrrr…

      Is anyone really paying attention?

  • Loved Rand Paul returning $600,00 of money his state didn’t need thanks to his budgeting. Would be even better if he (and others) proposed they would take pay-cuts so other, more crucial, public SERVANTS are spared.

  • Kit

    Just ask the Pentagon and Obama: “Of all the federal and military programs that could be cut, why are your planning on cutting the most important ones?”

  • Ken in NH

    Speaking of lies, it galls me that no one has noticed the huge lie emanating from the IRS. The claim is that the last minute tax deal that passed 1 Jan is causing them to delay accepting certain tax forms. But wasn’t the tax deal for 2013 and beyond taxes? Every form they supposedly were surprised they would need to update should cover 2012 taxes which were and are settled law. None of the tax preparation software companies needed any time to update their systems.

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