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Whitney Houston’s widower and incubus, Bobby Brown, has been sentenced to nearly two months in jail for DUI. No surprise there…

In any case it gives me yet another reason to post this wrongest of wrong jokes…

I got the above picture quite literally an hour after Whitney Houston passed away…

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  • Matt Helm

    We had a Black History Month assembly on Friday, and four middle school kids went on stage in character as a black historical figure who inspired them. One of the girls played Whitney Houston and while people clapped at just about everything, I was surprised she got very little applause. I was surprised because it was a mostly black audience and they disapproved of celebrating Houston. It was nice to see that they didn’t think celebrating a drug addict was appropriate for kids. Also less inspiring was that the two other girls were in character as Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. Yeah, they did a lot for blacks.

  • Scott M.

    Chris Christie thought that skank was worthy of flying the state flag at half staff.

  • Dr. Schplatt


    come on, someone had to do it.

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