Andrew Breitbart, In Memoriam

As mentioned all across the interwebs and beyond, we lost the happiest of warriors a year ago today. I’m not going to pretend I knew Andrew Breitbart all that well, nor will I pretend I enjoyed his provocateur methods 100% of the time. However, while I always understood why he did the voodoo that he do … ‘ed, I’ve absolutely come to appreciate the how in the months since he passed. For better and worse, we’ll never have another quite like Andrew, but the legacy he left behind, inspiring so many like-minded citizens no longer content to take the bullying from the left, is something I’m sure he would have thoroughly enjoyed. RIP, m’man. We didn’t talk much about politics, but I’m proudly wearing my X t-shirt today in honor of all the times we talked about that band and so many other great tunes from the 80s and 90s. I’ll be sure to play a few of them while the LA crowd hoists some drinks in his memory tonight at that barely secret place we used to gather with Andrew.

Also, here’s an awesome site dedicated to Andrew’s endless wars in the Twitter-verse.

As cribbed from JimmyC’s earlier post in today’s Open Thread:

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