Disenfranchise this

Say it ain’t so, BarryO …

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  • Floyd (according to Tex)

    I would expect nothing less from those trying to manipulate their way to power than to attack a virtual problem instead of dealing with the real problem. Voter fraud is a trumped up problem that is so rare that it only occurs 1 out of every 15,000,000 voters. Where as attempts to actively disenfranchise tens to hundreds of thousand of poor, minority voters nationwide continues on the Republican part. That is racism at its finest. That is the Republican plantation owner mentality that is desperately trying to keep people different from them in their proverbial chains. That’s what scares the Republicans so badly. Their plantation system has fallen, and they know that they are the traditional plantation masters that are falling with it.

    The soldiers that died for everyone’s equal vote should be ashamed of those Republicans for trying to annul what they so bravely fought for. Imagine the sacrifice they make for our country only for it to be stolen by those trying to serve themselves through voter disenfranchisement. Not only that, but also these brave men and women who have sacrificed so much are then provided government-run healthcare. If the government-run healthcare is so horrible, then why do you provide it for those soldiers whom you venerate? Why could it not be an option for the American people? Key word is option. If Americans have the ability, they can stay on their current healthcare plan. Or, according to the Republican philosophy, all of those people complaining about healthcare can get off their lazy asses, get themselves educated, get themselves a better job, and quit their whining. It’s called tough love; Republicans should take a dose of their own medicine sometime.

    • JimmyC

      Translation: “We’re not the frauds, you are! And you’re racist! Shiny objects!”

    • You have NO evidence BarryO. I would fail you in class for failing to provide any support for arguments. YOu have the party line down pat. LInks, documents, pictures, etc. please.

      There are rampant examples of Black POanthers and union thugs and Democrat polling officials preventing voters or intimidating voters… in the immortal words of Al Capone. YOU GOT NUH’TING!

      ED: Sorry, Floyd (actual Floyd), dialect very important when quoting Mamet/Capone. 😉

      • I don’t know, guys, but thoroughly getting a laugh out of Capt. O-blivious attempting to attach “Republican” and “plantation owner mentality,” not only without any proof whatsoever, but a complete lack of irony. Maybe it’s because I know the real person behind the BarryO pseudonym is nowhere near this ignorant (nor a slut).

  • Based off the latest from the guy formerly known as the funniest comedian of my youth, a suggestion for a fun game: Bill Cosby or BarryO?

    (Yes, I linked to a Big Hollywood column. It’s Christian Toto, so I don’t feel like I have to shower because of it.)

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