I’ve got a T-72 for sale, only driven on Sundays…

Russian Air to Air Missiles We Got From “somewhere”

How do we really know what the bad guys have and what it is that can actually do? The best way to find out is actually have one.

Read this interesting story from Defense News to find out more.

Here’s a piece:

In the high-end suburb of University Park, 15 minutes east of downtown Sarasota, Fla., there’s a three-bedroom, single-story home within walking distance of the local country club. Attached three-car garage. Screened-in porch. Assessed value: $618,772.

Not the sort of place you’d go to buy a Soviet anti-aircraft system with four automatic 23mm cannons. But records indicate that a ZSU-23, a Russian-built air-defense system deployed by dozens of countries from Armenia to Zimbabwe, was indeed brokered for sale by a company registered at the home. The company is a small defense contracting firm named Atlas International Trading.

The customer in the transaction? That might come as the biggest surprise of all. It was the U.S. government.

Read the rest HERE

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