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Just When You Think Things Just Possibly Couldn’t Get Dumber…

Some principal in MA goes and pushes the bar even further.

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From The Jawa Report

A Massachusetts principal has been criticized for canceling his school’s Honors Night, saying it could be ‘devastating’ to the students who worked hard, but fell short of the grades. reports that David Fabrizio, principal of Ipswich Middle School, notified parents last week of his plan to eliminate the event.

“The Honors Night, which can be a great sense of pride for the recipients’ families, can also be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade-point average,” Fabrizio penned in his first letter to parents, the station reported.

Sometimes I just want to ask a person like that, what the f#@k were you thinking? If he had cancelled graduation from middle school I’d been all for that one, but it was not to be.

There’s contact info for the principal and more over with the JAWAS.

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  • Rufus

    No keeping score at games either.

    Another trend I noticed that really bugs me; schools doing away with A sports team for LOTS of teams. My kids’ grade school has soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, golf, baseball teams who play other schools, but there is no “school team.” For example; there are probably 5 – 10 basketball teams at each grade level. And those teams play each other and other schools, which have 5 – 10 basketball teams. There is an end of year playoff, but the championship game could end up being two teams from the same school.

    When I was a kid it was tremendous fun when our basketball team played the other school’s in our conference, or our girl’s volleyball team did the same; and everyone played to preserve their conference record. And it was a real challenge and honor to work hard and make the school team. There were great rivalries among schools. It really got the student body, teachers, administration and community engaged.

    And now the smart kids can’t even get their due. What a shame.

  • Was in a little conversation on Facebook, about the state of today’s gov’t schools, when someone who substitute teaches chimed in and said she was sure most teachers had their student’s best interests at heart. I was tempted to reply with…and we all know which road is paved with good intentions – but, since the person wasn’t one of my friends, I decided to hold my fire.

  • this guy must have his doctorate. I bet he wore all the regalia he got for Dean’s List, Summa Cum laude baubles, etc. proudly at his graduations.

  • Daniel Crandall

    Welcome to the Idiocracy.. Or is it the beginning of “Harrison Bergeron’s” America: “The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.”

  • -fritz-

    Some people are winners and others are losers. There is also the mediocre class that the majority fit into. Live with it or overcome it. Don’t level the playing field so that everyone fits into the mediocre group! That’s patently unfair to the winners and the losers, especially the latter of which need a moon at which to shoot for!

    I love the bumper sticker, BTW!

  • Texacalirose

    When I was applying to the teaching credential programs, the competition was fierce. Grades, resume, oral interview, and then another after that. So, after being well into the program, a discussion ensued regarding competition in the classroom, student evaluations, etc., and I had the unfortunate experience of being paired with a looney liberal who became irate when I spoke to competition on the playground, for example, as a means to prepare the chirren for the forces of life. In order to keep the peace, I refrained from reminding her that she had competed to displace another human being who deserved to be in the program as much as she did; I just wanted to get my credentials and get goin’. She ended up hating me anyway, an honor I revere to this day.

  • Matt Helm

    We have monthly awards for students in three categories. One is, “Star of the Month,” for grades. Then, we have a, “Student of Distinction,” based on a character trait. Our, “Orbit,” award is based on students who try hard to achieve goals. Awards are incentives to make students want to reach goals. What this idoit in MA is doing, is not only taking away the incentive, but stigmatizing the learning goal. Competition makes individuals better, and makes them want to keep thriving to be better.

  • Tracy,txmom2many

    We have this sports program around here called Upwards. It’s not really a bad thing, they use sports to recruit for Jesus. The only thing that bugs me is they don’t keep score in any of the games. My kids always kept score anyway. They liked to know who won.

    My boys compete with everything. They once had a competition on who could pee the fastest.

    I’m really glad we’re out of that mess.

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