Nick Searcy on “Red Eye!” Watch!!

He’s Nick Searcy, but you already knew that.

Nick Searcy is a guest on “Red Eye” tonight (or early tomorrow morning, depending on your perspective).

Set your DVR or VCR or, if you don’t have either, down a pot of coffee and watch it live!

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  • Rufus

    I assume you are all loyal viewers (I know Porvaznik and Wankette are). “Red Eye” is my “Ice Station Zebra.” Although I’m not a reclusive, germophobic millionaire who refuses to clip his nails, I do share that tendency with Howard Hughes; I pick one television program and watch it, almost exclusively. For at least the past two years that show has been “Red Eye.”

    Check it out, check it outers!

  • Auto-record every night, ’cause I usually drift off around 12:15. Hoping I at least make the half-time report tonight. Bummer Andy’s apparently out this week, though. Jesse Joyce good (assuming he’s back tonight as ombudsman), but a Searcy/Levy tete-a-tete would have been one for the ages.

    • Rufus

      Based on the many personalities they’ve tried in Andy’s spot when he is out, and the lackluster performance of most, the Ombudsman’s role must be much harder than it looks. I think Joyce is one of the few who can hold his own there. Last night he took the approach of working in as many jokes as possible, and it was a good spot.

      I always like Mike Baker in that spot, although he intentionally does no Ombuds’ing whatsoever, but somebody has to report on the Fenster gap.

      Of course, one of the funniest moments on television was when Dana Vachon was Ombuds’ing and he and Joyce began trading insults. Somebody needs to put those two in an Odd Couple-esque sit-com.

      She’s a decent guest and seems like a truly nice person, but Jedidiah Biela(sp?) makes me cringe when she subs for Andy. She tries too hard to be “one of the guys,” and it just doesn’t come off right, although Mrs. Firefly likes her spots, so what do I know?

      Levy does a decent job sub-bing for Greg. Has P.A.B. ever sub-bed for Greg? I think she’s ombuds’ed. I think Nick Gillespie would make a decent Ombudsman.

      • Rufus

        I forgot to mention Michael Moynihan. That guy is great. He’s a great guest and he’s also done a decent job sub-bing for Andy and sub-bing for Bill Schulz. He’s a low energy guy, but has a remarkably quick mind.

        It’s been fun to see Lori Rothman evolve as a guest. Her and Greg are almost like brother and sister now; a brother and sister who hate each other. It’s great fun to watch when she’s on.

        • Amen on Rothman, and getting Joyce and Schmike Schmaker a sitcom.

          • Rufus

            Recently Bill Schulz sort-of proposed to Remi Spencer and I thought that would make another great sit-com. Maybe Remi has to defend Bill in a case and the Judge gets so mad at her for her legal wrangling that he orders her to have to live with Bill. Hilarity ensues.

      • goozer

        The Dana/Jesse Dozens episode was EPIC!

  • Kit

    I just interrupted an Alabama-Maryland game to DVR that sucker!

  • Tink in Cali

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up.

  • goozer

    I’ve been a loyal viewer since the beginning of ’08. It’s a good show. And if you disagree with me, then you are worse than Hitler!

  • Texacalirose

    So, is Bill Schultz really gay? ///

    • Rufus

      I’m not sure if you’re serious, or not, but him being gay is about as real as Greg’s houseboys (actually, Greg is married to a Russian model).

      Schulz used to rub me the wrong way. He’s from a way different side of the tracks in Chicago than I, and I found a lot of his stuff annoying, but he’s become more comfortable on television and comes up with some really funny ad-libs. Plus, he’s a real White Sox fan, not just a poseur, like a certain U.S. President currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      • Texacalirose

        I know. It was a shtick. That’s what those /// were meànt to convey. Communication is a two way street, my brother, so I accept 20% blame for any misunderstanding you may have had. 😉

        • Rufus

          I’m not up on all the emoticons you kids use these days. Back in my day we had the period, comma, question mark and exclamation point and got along just fine. We put a man on the moon and cured polio with just those four punctuation marks.

          So, I guess you’re telling me three consecutive integral signs means sarcasm, or is it ironic detachment? I’m sure Gottfried Leibniz would be thrilled to see what you’ve done with his creation.

          • Texacalirose

            What? No umlauts? And I don’t know whom you’re calling kid, sonny. I’m a Grand Mother, doncha know? And although I never met him, I know that Mr. Shakespeare used colons and semi-colons a lot. So, what I’m telling you is that a back slash with a little ‘s’ —-> /s <—- means sarcasm. I dropped the 's' for efficientcy and added two additional back slashes to ensure (cough) that I was understood. OK. 30%. That's my last offer.

            I never met Mr. Leibniz either. I'm sure his infinitesimal writings included umlauts.

          • Kit

            “We put a man on the moon and cured polio with just those four punctuation marks.”

            Probably the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  • Rocked it … but we knew he’d do that.

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