A Pizza For You…

If you are ever in Waco, TX and want some pizza go to Pappa Rollos Pizza…the best pizza I have ever had, and some of the greatest folks you’ll ever meet.
Saw this pop up on my Facebook today…


Here’s the story behind it

This week has been a very hard week for many of us. Monday’s race in Boston was marred by unspeakable violence against innocent bystanders. Orchestrated to terrify, these explosions shook us all. On such a lovely day…..a great day to run…..people were injured and we watched the film as people ran to the sound of the explosion to help and to rescue. The goodness of humanity shown through even in such a horrible moment. Stories of kindness and people’s generosity became the news of the day.

Then a little more than 48 hours later, we are shaken to the core with the explosion of the fertilizer plant in West. Again stories emerged of great bravery and selfless service to other people. Our community came together to help each other. People from all over the world were calling in and sending prayers and well wishes.

Today these two worlds came a little closer together. We got a TO GO order from Boston, Masssachusetts. A physician from Massachusetts General Hospital called to place an order for pizza for the surgeons in the ER at Hillcrest. How he got our number, we will never know. Just the power of the internet, I suppose. He included a note of encouragement…from one doc to another. “Thanks for all your hard work.”

Oh, if we could only focus on what unites us and not what divides us. Thanks to all the doctors and nurses in Boston that day, and in Waco and Temple and Ft. Worth and Dallas last night.

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