No Escape-ism


So my latest YouTube obsession has been a channel called Diversity & Comics, in which the host – an Iraq war veteran and comic book writer/enthusiast – critiques the current state of the comic book industry, particularly Marvel comics, which has truly gone off the deep end lately.

He covers the whole sorry state of affairs: how Marvel is run by creepy white middle-aged liberal men without families who have mainly hired mentally ill female SJWs in their early 20s with purple hair and Tumblr blogs to write their comics, despite their having no experience or interest in comic writing. How they drive away their customers by insulting them and blocking them on Twitter if they question the social justice agenda. How they take existing characters and twist them horribly to fit their agenda (Iron Man is now a weirdo black teenage girl, Storm and Black Panther are now a anti-white racists who support segregation, Ms. Marvel is now a Muslim teenage girl, Iceman is now a swishy gay man, etc.). How they intentionally make superheroes feminine and superheroines masculine. And on and on.

Suffice it to say, it’s an absolute dumpster fire, and you have to be stupid or insane to buy comic books nowadays. And the customers have noticed. Marvel comics are currently only selling a fraction of what they were selling back in the late ’90s after the industry bubble burst, and that’s just orders that they get from comic book stores, not actual sales (which are even lower). They are hatefully and intentionally driving away the mostly white males who buy comics, and pandering to an audience that doesn’t exist and doesn’t want to buy comics, ever. But they don’t care, because they have Disney money. In other words, they don’t have to operate like a business because have a giant corporation to sponsor their anti-capitalist propaganda.

Normally his videos focus on reviewing (or, more accurately, roasting) individual comics and discussing just how bad they are, which are a lot of fun to watch, but occasionally he makes a video that discusses the overall mindset behind SJW Marvel. This video in particular really struck a chord with me, as he discussed how the liberals who run Marvel have made it all indoctrination, all the time, and how readers are no longer allowed to have any kind of fun or escapism. In other words, Marvel is the exact opposite of what the company’s founders intended it to be:

Even though I haven’t read comic books in over a decade, I find these videos fascinating because SJW Marvel represents the ultimate fulfillment of liberal bias in entertainment: doesn’t even try to tell a story, no fun, just all liberal propaganda and identity politics, all the time. It’s all of the horrible stuff about our liberalized culture, and none of the good stuff. In short, it’s liberalism’s endgame, at least as far as pop culture is concerned. Imagine movies, TV shows, music, fiction books, all like the thumbnail above. Imagine what a miserable, exhausting slog it would be.

Of course, eventually all of those entertainment industries would go broke after people stopped buying their product, but SJWs don’t care. They consider it their life’s work to indoctrinate the next generation of liberal voters, not to tell stories or entertain people. They don’t want people to be happy, they want them to be liberal drones, miserable “victims” like them, always angry and railing against their imagined oppressors. They’d happily drive their industries into the ground as propaganda machines if it means fulfilling their own narcissistic agenda.

SJW Marvel is a pathetic joke, but it’s also a valuable illustration of how all of our cultural institutions will end up if we don’t take them back. Leftism is like a swarm of locusts, consuming everything it touches. If all of entertainment ends up like Marvel, its arbiters will work overtime to make sure no one enjoys anything anymore. It’s already been that way in Hollywood for nearly two decades, but believe me, it can get a whole lot worse. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who’s read a Marvel comic lately.

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  • Good Lord, that’s an actual panel from a Marvel comic?!?! Fittingly, clunkily sounda and looks like something from one of the low-rent PSA freebies the company used to distribute. Ugh.

    Excellent adjunct piece to Christian’s recent feature in Micah Curtis, JC!

    • Oh, believe me, it gets worse. It gets so much worse. That’s what got me into the channel, seeing these reviews and realizing just how bad the writing has gotten. I could not believe how they turned a great character like Storm into a racist who scoffs at the “mayo invasion” of white people into Harlem. Or Mockingbird walking around with a t-shirt that says “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda”. Ugh.

      Been seriously digging Micah’s channel lately – his commentary on both culture and politics is great. Glad he’s getting some attention. Likewise, nice to see The Daily Wire covering some right-leaning YT channels lately that the mainstream tends to ignore.

      • OK, so the art was better than I recalled, but still was but one page (and in this case with a worthy message) separate of the issue’s main story instead of page after page of trite dialogue.

         photo FB_IMG_1501695811081_zpss8rw5shg.jpg

  • I don’t mind social commentary — hell, the assemblage of the revamped X-Men to save the original team, then the New Mutants, were definitions of diversity — but please refrain from beating us over the head with it. Of course, subtlety hasn’t exactly been a strong suit from the millenniels. #getoffmylawnpanels

  • Rufus

    I think Jonah Goldberg (also a big, comic book nerd) got it right when he coined the term, “Selma Envy.”

    We have a great many people who are disappointed that a previous generation worked through all these problems, and they refuse to accept that they are not heroes in a battle to convince all us neanderthals that dark-skinned people, women and non-hetero-sexuals are also part of the human race.

    As you wrote, JimmyC, it’s gotten tedious and boring.

  • Now I’ve got to interview this YouTuber, too!

    That panel at the top … beyond The Onion at this point.

  • That panel at the top is beyond parody. That is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day…and that’s saying something.

    • Agreed, though there was some sense to be made of a comment someone made when I shared this post on the 80s Comics page (before the admins jettisoned everything’s post and commments), likening it to when Capt. Kirk kicked an alien in the knee only to find out that’s where the aliens genitalia resided.

  • Penelope27

    Thank you for this. As an avid comic book reader since the early ’70s – I had all but given up on this generation. Will be looking forward to future commentary.