Kenn Gets His Stetson

1-227 group
Left to Right: Maj. Jesse Fleming, CW4 Dan McClinton “Outlaw 13” (ret.), Capt. Brian Haas, CW2 Erik Hoskinson (ret.), Capt. Ross Dickman and Maj. Patrick Baker

Dan “Outlaw 13” presents Kenn Christenson with a Stetson on behalf of the 1-227. Erik Hoskinson looks on and in the background is Mrs. Haas and Mrs. Hoskinson whose first names escape me.

Matt Helm cleaned this one up for me a bit. Thanks Matt!

Kenn drinks a hatful of Miller Lite and Coke from his new Stetson which he then wore very proudly. He also got to bro-hug the members of the 1-227.

Blurry ones taken with my phone camera… clearer ones taken by Outlaw’s Nikon (I think)

1-227 movie 2013 011

1-227 movie 2013 010

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