What I Learned In A Year-And-A-Half

In putting together the brief version of the 1-227th Aviation Regiment’s history, you can’t help but learn a few things, so, in my debut post on Threedonia, I’d like to share what I learned:

The Spur Ride: The leadership usually disliked it and would sometimes chew out the pilots who did it. There were guys, on the ground, who wouldn’t have lived without it.

Leadership: A competent Commanding Officer is a good thing to have. A unit, who knows their jobs and does them well, regardless of the quality of their CO, is even better.

Hazing and practical jokes: Proof they like you and are happy to have you in the Battalion.

History: The most fascinating, gut-wrenching and hilarious stories you will ever hear are those told by our Vets – the very best way to learn about history, IMHO.

Generosity: The Attack Helicopter Battalion’s primary purpose is to assist the Soldier on the ground – and these pilots did that and much, much more. These Troopers would place themselves between the enemy and our troops. They would give up the safety of the cockpit for their wounded and stranded brothers. They would sacrifice EVERYTHING so other aircraft wouldn’t have to face anti-aircraft fire. In a nation, known as the most generous, in the world; these Troopers, and others in the military, are this nation’s standard bearers.

Heroes: Ordinary “Joe-Blows” who, when faced with a life threatening situation, did what few others would do – and, then, went back to being ordinary “Joe-Blows.”

Family Threedonia: The key to this project’s success was, clearly, the diverse group of people, Threedonia attracts and unites. We may bicker, at times? What family doesn’t? But, there is far more that keeps us together than divides us. Having had the privilege to work with and talk to more than a few of you – I really couldn’t ask for a better group to be part of. So Hail, Hail Threedonia!

I’ll leave you all, with 2 stories, both from the 1-227th’s Vietnam War ancestor: The first regards generosity.
The second story illustrates that some truly miraculous things can happen in a war zone.

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