“The melting pot has become an angry buffet …”

Gutfeld’s “Greg-alogues” over the years have produced some amazingly profound observations, sparking equally sparks-filled conversations in their wakes. Maybe it stems from the fact I live in a part of the country in which I inexplicably seem to see more and more street advertisements in Spanish than English, but few (if any) stand up to his one from last Friday’s “The Five.” Heck, even Bob Beckel actually makes some lucid observations following Greg. As Greg would say, check it out, check-it-outers.

23 comments to “The melting pot has become an angry buffet …”

  • perfect except “angry smorgasbord” would’ve worked better with the Swedish theme. :-)

  • JimmyC

    Immigration without assimilation is not immigration at all. Political correctness will segregate us further than Plessy vs. Ferguson and Jim Crow ever did.

    • The problem with Illegal immigration is bad, but even the allocation of visas for permanent residence is problematic. I believe it was in 1999 that the powers that be came up with an improvement to the existing system. The idea was “diversity visas”. This was to provide us with (no kidding) “new seed”. Many quota numbers were allotted to Africa and other underdeveloped countries where there would be more vulnerability to abuse and fraud because of difficulty in background checking, not to mention terrorism. But, I guess we’re getting too inbred and need fresh “seed” from third world countries,

      • -fritz-

        At least the left is inbred! This would still be the America I grew up with if it wasn’t for those morons!

        • INFJ

          I don’t think it’s inbreeding, fritz, although it may. be some form of genetic imperfection that affects the brain causing a form of insanity ,

  • Daniel

    In my brief sojourn to South Texas, I realized that the border was effectively some 50-75 miles North of the border as it’s shown on maps for that is where the Border Patrol checkpoint is located on Hwy 77/I-69. When you get into Brownsville, TX good luck finding anything written in English. The person I knew down there would even joke to me that, “Yes, this is still the U.S., but it’s like a different country.” Yeah. It’s like Mexico, just better infrastructure. And I do believe that that will slowly creep further and further North, despite all those protestation by gringo Texans.

    • Daniel

      Oh, and if you check out voting patterns all along the South Texas border, you will see the overwhelming majority of it bright blue. Meaning they are all voting effectively for the government they left behind in Mexico. The same holds true for all major urban areas in Texas. Houston? Blue. Dallas? Blue. San Antonio? Blue El Paso? Blue. Austin? … I seriously don’t need to answer that one do I?

      Fort Worth, is the only hold-out.

      • Collin County, North Dallas is Red. Tarrant County which is DFW west to Fort Worth is Red. Williamson County which is North Austin is Red.

        There has been a Border Patrol check point at that place on HWY 77 at least since 1978, which is the first time I went down that way. There is also one at Van Horn on I-10 east of El Paso that has been there since the early 70’s. South of San Antonio has ALWAYS been heavily hispanic.

        hispanic voting patterns

        Gringo Voting Patterns

        It’s the gringos you need to be concerned with.

    • -fritz-

      We’ve even got some of the same in Vegas, along N. Eastern Ave., Owens, and East Lake Mead Blvd. It looks like Juarez except, so far, no burros! To get to Nellis AFB you have to drive through about 4 miles of what looks like Old Mexico!

  • Scott M.

    Just like the UK.The idiots who run that country let these clerics sit up in their North London mosques and spew their Jihadi bile and do nothing about it.

  • It seems as if Europe has 2 choices — an old-fashioned, genocidal bloodbath or submission to Islam. I don’t want to see either.

  • Matt Helm

    We’re heading that way? Florida is already the largest Golden Corral in the third world. Everyone’s sticking their fingers in the chocolate fountain, and circumventing the sneeze guards.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    As someone who is trying to get his wife a green card, it is very frustrating what we have to go through when in reality all I need to do is get her a Mexican visa.

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