Born This Way, Except When They're Not


The liberal narrative on gays and lesbians is as follows: homosexuals are born that way. It’s a rock-solid, inherent part of who they are. There is no choice involved. And anyone who disagrees is a homophobic, Bible-thumping, redneck bigot who is worse than Hitler.

But what if the data didn’t reflect this reality? What if incredibly large numbers of young people who identify as gay and have no interest in having families are ending up…pregnant?

Remarkably, research shows teen who identify as lesbian have significantly higher pregnancy rates than their heterosexual peers. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true. It’s also true for teen gay males: they are substantially more likely to impregnate their sexual partners than are heterosexual males.

Numerous studies across many nations find that sexual-minority youth aged 14 to 19 have pregnancy rates two to seven times greater than their heterosexual peers. And their pregnancy rates continue to rise at a time when the overall teen pregnancy rate is declining in the United States.

Only one study to date, published earlier this year, has examined the pregnancy rates of adult sexual-minority women. It reveals the same thing: unintended pregnancies are higher among sexual-minority women than their heterosexual peers. Their proportions for ending pregnancies by abortion are double that of heterosexual women.

You can see the data for yourself in the below charts, courtesy of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:



Pregnancy rates two to seven times greater than straight teens. You know, for a group of people who were born gay, they sure do have an awful lot of straight sex.

Is it possible that sexual orientation is not set in stone at birth, and that a lot of the young people who self-identify as gay are simply confused and experimenting with their identity, as young people so often do? And the fact that our culture is making being gay look hip, revolutionary and cool is egging that behavior on to a large degree?

I know, I know. We’re not supposed to ask these questions. Our liberal betters have spoken, we’ve upended the definition of marriage and we’re currently stomping all over religious liberty to accommodate the LGTB lobby. We’re supposed to just shut up, move on and accept whatever they tell us. But what if the facts simply don’t line up with their talking points? How far do we have to twist and contort our civilization to make their fantasies try to fit reality? Just curious.

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